Dwayne the rock johnson trainingsplan

A great einer once said, “If other stands bolzen you and your success, move it. Never be denied.” That einer happens kommen sie be an acting idol and fitness god, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Here ist someone that inspires people von all ages, genders, and fitness levels around die world to get moving and never protect against aspiring towards their health und wellness goals. Native his respected diligence an the gym to his constant transformation as in actor und fitness professional, here ist everything sie need zu know zu train prefer Dwayne und build the rock difficult physique.

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The Rock’s daily Routine

Before obtaining into die intense practice that johnson commits zu 6 days a week, freundin need zu follow his jeden tag routine. In the morning, around 4:00 am, that rolls out of bed, ties nach oben his to run shoes, and heads external for in early run. Johnson doesn’t constantly run around die neighborhood, though. Wie man he zu sein filming abroad, he wollen be on ns elliptical or treadmill at ns hotel. As soon as he’s completed about 30-50 minutes of a heart-pounding cardio session, that eats breakfast.

After breakfast, johnson gets around to “clangin’ and bangin’” bei the gym. Every work he is an the gym, the commits a complete sequence kommen sie a particular area of the body. While the routine is always adapting zu what he needs weil das a specific function or goal, johnson usually sticks zu 4 sets and 12 reps with a 60-90 2nd rest duration (unless it’s leg day).

The Rock’s Workout

If sie want zu train choose Dwayne Johnson, you have to go hard every einzel day. Here’s a look at the fitness regimen of the Rock:

Day 1: LegsRunning 30-50 minutes – external or ~ above a treadmillBarbell walking Lunge – 4 sets x25 repsLeg niederdrücken – 4 sets ns 25 repsLeg expansions – 3 sets x 20 repsBarbell Squats – 4 sets ns 12 repsHack Squats – 4 sets x 12 repsRomanian Deadlift – 4 sets ns 10 repsSeated foot Curls – 3 sets ns 20 repsThigh Abductor – 4 set x 12 repsDay 2: BackRunning 30-50 minute – outside or on a treadmillWide-Grip Lat Pulldown – 4 sets ns 12 repsBent over Barbell row – 4 sets x 12 repsOne arm Dumbbell heat – 4 sets x 12 repsBarbell Deadlift – 3 sets x 10 repsPull-Ups – 3 setsDumbbell Shrug – 4 sets ns 12 repsInverted row – 3 setsHyperextension – 4 sets ns 12 repsDay 3: ShouldersRunning 30-50 minute – external or on a treadmillDumbbell Shoulder niederdrücken – 4 sets x 12 repsStanding Military press – 4 sets x 12 repsFront Dumbbell raise – 4 sets ns 12 repsSide Lateral raise – 4 sets x 12 repsReverse machine Flyes – 4 to adjust x 15 repsSeated bending Over rear Delt raise – 4 sets ns 12 repsDay 4: Arms/AbsRunning 30-50 minutes – external or ~ above a treadmillDumbbell Bicep curly – 4 set x fünfzehn repsHammer Curls – 4 set x 15 repsSpider curly – 4 sets x 12 repsTriceps Pushdown – 4 sets x fünfzehn repsOverhead Triceps – 3 set x 15 repsHanging foot Raise – 4 sets ns 20 repsRope Crunch – 4 sets x 20 repsRussian twisted – 4 sets ns 20 repsDay 5: LegsRunning 30-50 minutes – exterior or ~ above a treadmillBarbell wade Lunge – 4 sets x 25 repsLeg niederdrücken – 4 sets x 25 repsLeg expansion – 3 sets x 20 repsBarbell Squat – 4 sets x 12 repsHack Squat – 4 sets ns 12 repsRomanian Deadlift – 4 sets x 10 repsSeated Leg curly – 3 sets x 20 repsThigh Abductor – 4 sets ns 12 repsDay 6: ChestRunning 30-50 minute – external or top top a treadmillBarbell Bench Press, tool grip – 4 sets x 12 repsIncline Dumbbell press – 4 sets x 12 repsDumbbell Bench drücken sie – 4 sets ns 12 repsFlat Bench Cable Flyes – 4 to adjust x fünfzehn repsIncline hammer Curls – 4 sets x 12 repsDips, Chest ausführung – 4 sets ns 10-12 repsDay 7: Rest

The Rock’s remainder day zu sein usually comprised von refueling his muscles through epic cheat meals ~ above worthy von the Herculean pressure he is.

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So, if you dare, you can try cultivate as difficult as the Rock von following these workouts zu a T, or you kann adapt die days kommen sie where sie are best now. The important takeaway native this routine zu sein that sie need zu push hard und stay determined zu get results.

As ns Rock has said: “Success punkt anything wollen always come down kommen sie this: Focus und Effort. And we manage both.”


Can you Smell What ns Rock zu sein Cooking?

To preserve a bulk as outstanding as Johnson’s, there is a constant need to feed ns body. If you follow his instagram account, freundin will seen some von the meals the Rock consumes, as well as ns impressive platters of “cheat meals” that freundin eat bei a einzel day. Die Rock eats meals every 2 kommen sie 3 hours, about 5 to 7 mal a day.

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Here’s a sample of what ns Rock cooks hoch throughout ns week:

Meal 1 – 280-gram steak filet, 4 egg whites, 140-gram oatmeal, 1 glass von watermelon juiceMeal 2 – 220-gram chicken, 2 cups white rice, 1 cup broccoli or a mixture des bell pepper, mushrooms, broccoli, und a protein shakeMeal 3 – 220-gram halibut, 2 cup white rice, 1 cup asparagusMeal 4 – 220-gram chicken, 1 cup broccoli, 350 gram baked potatoMeal 5 – 220-gram halibut, 1 cup white rice, 1 cup asparagusMeal 6 – 280-gram steak filet, 250 gram donate potato, 1 saladMeal 7 – 20-30 gram casein protein supplement, 10 egg whites

As johnson has said Bodybuilding.com in a 2018 interview, “Diet-wise, ich generally eat 5 meals a day. I’m really prepared und organized, und everything is planned out in advance. It’s every measured relying on what i’m training zu achieve… an my diet encompass chicken, steak fillets, egg whites, oatmeal, broccoli, halibut, rice, asparagus, small potato, leafy salads, peppers, mushrooms, und onions, und then deshalb some casein protein.”

Final Thoughts

The rock didn’t just rise above hardships und achieved his goals, that crushed those goals into dust und kept moving mountains time and again. Even if it is he zu sein training zum a neu movie role or just working out in the gym, Dwayne “The Rock” johnson is bei idol. He zu sein proof that if sie push hard enough, you tun können make tremendous gains—and we’re not just talking about muscular benefit either. Use ns workouts und nutrition samples in this article zu carve out your very own legend in the gym and in life.

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