Dvb-t abdeckung deutschland karte

Interactive DVB-T/DVB-T2 maps and lists

If you"re a neu here, take a couple of minutes and go zu help buchseite to get information about how this distinct web application works. It provides you an overview von the functionalities the this particular map server offers.

Except ns maps, you kann sein found here die list von transmitters, muxes and channels. Do sie need to calculate signal level, channel frequency? Go zu Calc menu und select calculator who fits her needs.

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Distance and terrain profile

Use bereich map zu get distance and terrain profile betwee transmitter(s) and your defined position. Map help you to arrange your antenna direct kommen sie selected transmitter or finding any gelände obstacles bolzen you and transmitter.Help

Coverage map

Use this map kommen sie visualization of signal coverage zum selected transmitter und channel. Coverage calculation was created von software radio Mobile. This map ist only zum check if signal ist available in your area, if freundin need an ext precise measurement, please use proper equipment with gives sie signal parameters favor C/N, CBER, VBER and MER. Before ich created maps, ich made some measurements, deshalb maps kann sein be used zum amateur purpose.Help

Map von nearest transmitters

Map des nearest transmitters shows transmitters über defined distance, ERP und channel kommen sie your identified position. Usage this map to look weil das unknown transmitter top top selected channel.Help

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Two points bereich map

Use this map for get terraine profile, azimuth und distance bolzen two arbitrary points on die map. This map is useful when the transmitter is not included an database. You kann sein set hoch antenna height by controls zum both points.Help

Mux map

DVB-T multiplex map reflects transmitter(s) in selected area or regionen by multiplex. Only transmitters with defined multiplex are included.Help


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Review map des transmitters

Use basic DVB-T map zu get globalen review von transmitters an selected area or region. The transmitters without defined multiplex are had too.Help

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