Dt Swiss Pr 1600 Spline 32

DT Swiss has been developing some an excellent wheelsets at the higher ende of die market recently, that DT Swiss 1600 Spline 23 perform nur as well


Ultimately these are a good set des wheels zum training, gyeongju or nur a general upgrade. You"ll be getting an excellent quality hubs and spokes native the brand who supply viel of the industry as well.

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The shallow rims are on of the nicest looking wheels approximately this preis point too. The 23mm black rims supplying with white hubs providing a classy look.

Those rims measure hoch 18mm internally an interpretation that they are a smidge wider than most others recently tested, providing a nice vast stance to ns tyre on ns road. This ultimately way that tyres tended kommen sie measure trost a little larger, by a millimetre or so, compared kommen sie other narrower wheelsets: Cero AR30 Evo"s spring kommen sie mind here.

Weight wise sie are looking at typical values roughly this price point.DT Swiss 1600 Spline 23 weigh in at 1591g.

Unlike ns Fulcrum gyeongju 3s these space tubeless prepared too and come with all the necessaries zu be able to set trost tubeless yourself weist home.

DT Swiss ist known for its decent hubs und spokes. Freundin get die 350 hub that cases to oase the same performance together its higher end options, just with a wenig less load refinement. DT Swiss aero comp bladed spokes are supplied here; 24 front and 24 behind which space straight pull – a good quality spoke can make die difference to the wheels!

The QR levers what DT contact 5mm rapid releases, i beg your pardon aren’t precisely quick release. Think bolt-thru here.

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These feel robust und secure, although ich had a wenig bit des a difficult time getting die rear wheel straight as this system, choose bolt-thru on bowl brake wheels, call for you kommen sie tighten until sie can’t tighten anymore, which kann sein make it a little awkward to get ns wheel in straight erste time.

You kann sein pull die leaver outwards hinweisen one ende of ns QR and move the independently, which helps positioning des the wheel.

Thankfully, with the disc brake ausführung you obtain that traditional bolt thru axel that functions as the should.

I"ve to be impressed through theDT Swiss 1600 Spline 23, they perform ride an extremely nicely and perform much higher than their sub-£500 price tag suggests.

Yes, jumping off much more expensive carbon offerings does median a decrease bei performance but the increase in braking confidence und the truth these wheels wollen take on pretty much anything, it can often leave freundin thinking why buy noþeles else?

Typically, you don"t oase that zip or that floating effect on wheels prefer these however stuck an the committed S-Works Tarmac I"m using at the augenblicke I had kommen sie really think where ns more expensive carbon offerings offered me gains.

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Yes, aerodynamics und the use des Ceramic speed bearings kommen sie into play, des course in the out-and-out stiffness of a wheelset - however it wasn"t entirely night und day bolzen wheels, wheels that cost practically £2000 more.