Shock moment at DSDS 2020 on RTL: Dieter Bohlen criticizes Chiara D'Amico indigenous Offenbach hard.

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Ist that the ende of "Germany ist looking zum the superstar"?

Shock moment at DSDS 2020 top top RTL : Dieter Bohlen criticizes Chiara D"Amico from Offenbach hard. zu sein that the ende of "Germany ist looking for the superstar"?

Chiara D"Amico from Offenbach zu sein part des DSDS 2020 Shock augenblicke for young singer on rtl Dieter Bohlen criticizes herstellung appearance high solution

Update indigenous Sunday, 02.02.2020: Shock moment at DSDS 2020 on RTL : Dieter Bohlen totally upset Chiara D"Amico , who was born an Offenbach. "The number ist shitty. that sounds choose a bottle of beer. ”No nice words, but zu sein it blieb enough zum the hard woman bei the recall?

It is the 2nd time the Chiara D"Amico zu sein trying kommen sie win " Germany zu sein looking zum the superstar " und to convince the jury to Dieter Bohlen. die Offenbach-born woman failed belastung time - and is now making a fresh start in the current season.

DSDS 2020 (RTL): Chiara D"Amico stands through trembling hands bei front des Dieter Bohlen

however there is no trace von self-confidence. She stands bei front des the jury with thrilling hands. "I"m much more excited than belastung time." die DSDS 2020 jurors immediately believe that. then comes ns all-important inquiry from Dieter Bohlen "Do freundin think you kann sein win "Germany ist looking zum the superstar"?" after ~ a brief hesitation Chiara D"Amico answers: "Yes, if i work top top myself."

together the zuerst number top top DSDS 2020 , she selected "Ex"s and Oh"s" von Elle King. After much less than a minute, Dieter Bohlen stops her performance. Shock moment for Chiara D"Amico. "The number zu sein shitty, that doesn"t fit you hinweisen all. it sounds prefer a bottle des beer. "Is that ns end? the RTL jury ist not convinced des her, she doesn"t want kommen sie hear die second song, "Never Enough" by Loren Allred.

"What is that zum a selection of songs, honey? i think you want zu get ahead here? ”Dieter Bohlen asks a an ext rhetorical question. Chiara D"Amico is lucky, Pietro lombardi jumps to herstellung side. "I remember the your hit numbers were really good last year. Why don"t freundin feel like it anymore? "

Video: Chiara D"Amico hinweisen DSDS 2020 v "Ex"s und Oh"s" über Elle king & "Mein Herz" von Beatrice Egli

Of kurse Chiara D"Amico Bock and also “Mein Herz” über Beatrice Egli zum the jury of DSDS 2020 (RTL). und lo und behold: the Offenbach native proves kommen sie the jury that she belonging one round further. This ist agreed: four zeit yes und a place in the recall zum Chiara D"Amico. but Dieter Bohlen gives her a warning on the way: "You oase to improve, otherwise it wollen work out, like belastung time."

DSDS 2020 (RTL): can Chiara D"Amico convince Dieter Bohlen?

First notice on Wednesday, january 29, 2020: Offenbach / frankfurt - Chiara D"Amico does notfall give up. Born bei Offenbach, who jetzt lives an Frankfurt with her mother, dreams of a music career. top top Saturday (01.02.2020) she will therefore be viewed again in the casting nur " Deutschland sucht den Superstar " (DSDS) on RTL. "I"m deshalb excited and I still can"t glauben it.

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<...> ich look forward kommen sie any support, ”said 18-year-old Chiara D"Amico ~ above Instagram . She sings at ns casting in Drachenfels (North Rhine-Westphalia). go chief judge Dieter Bohlen identify her?

Offenbach: Chiara D"Amico hinweisen DSDS 2020 - zuerst successes on youtube

bei the meantime, ns young artist indigenous Offenbach has gained frühen zeitpunkt experience bei the industry. She had several appearances in German und Italian cities. Requests zum duets came from produziert mother"s home. "There are deshalb many singers in Sicily, yet they ask about her," stated mother maria proudly in in interview with ns Offenbach post *. Chiara D"Amico - the "Italian popular music singer" - has developed musically. She deshalb knows die DSDS TV format quite well.

in 2017, produziert mother add her for the first time kommen sie a casting von the show "Deutschland sucht ns Superstar". die young frau from Offenbach has already published much more than 18,000 instagram fans and several music videos on YouTube. Some des the clips bei which she sings in Italian schutz up kommen sie 1.8 million views.

Video: Dieter Bohlen: soon 500th episode as spreading juror

DSDS: Chiara D"Amico native Offenbach seen in the direkt shows?

jetzt Chiara D"Amico would like to convince both ns audience und the jury of your skills, nur like unterschrift Medlock * indigenous Offenbach, who won ns talent competition on RTL in 2007 - and finally ended his music career an 2013. Viviana Grisafi native Offenbach * also made headlines weil das “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. bei 2015, it was enough zum the Offenbacher for second place.

Attention, possible spoiler: If you glauben the online portal promi-news.com, Chiara D"Amico will so be successful at DSDS 2020. bei a list von candidates released on ns Internet, the singer native Offenbach made it into ns top 12 und thus into the maxime shows des the casting show. Spectators tun können see zum themselves on rtl on February 1st, 2020, from 8:15 p.m.

inspect out this post on instagram

Finally the time has actually come! I still can"t believe it however I tun können finally officially announce‼ ️that i will it is in on 01.02.2020 punkt
rtl hinweisen 8:15 p.m. ⏰ I"m dafür excited .. Und still can"t glauben it. Deswegen now it ist time for all of us ️ ️ provide gas and post post post I am looking forward kommen sie any assistance Are freundin excited around my casting? Then definitely turn on i love you ❤️ LG her Chiara • • • • Photo: TVNOW / stefan Gregorowius #dsds # dsds2020 #rtl #chiaradamico #dieterbohlen #pietrolombardi #oananechiti #xaviernaidoo #Casting #blackandwhite #longhair

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Germany zu sein looking zum the superstar - Chiara D"Amico has a chance of 100,000 euros

DSDS zu sein the oldest and most famous casting show on German television. die winner can expect a bonus of 100,000 euros und the wahrscheinlichkeit to anfang musically. in this year"s 2020 season, the jury from belastung year zu sein sitting. chief judge und music producer Dieter Bohlen, Oana Nechiti, skilled dancer and trained choreographer, DSDS winner von season 8 pietro Lombardi und the musician Xavier Naidoo form the jury quartet. After the castings, the best singers will go to South Africa zum the international call.

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The motto shows wollen then be broadcast direkt on RTL.