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Florian Silbereisen: small swipe from ex-juror Mike Singer – “Don’t know if that’s die right way zum DSDS”

You schutz to do one thing Florian SilbereiseDefinitely allow it: die pop star is not afraid zu try new things.

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Instead von Dieter Bohlen, Maite Kelly und Mike Singer, that will now go on a superstar search through Ilse DeLange und Toby Gad on RTL. Ex-juror Mike Singer confesses to “Bild” what he thinks von the Silbereisen cast at DSDS.

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Florian Silbereisen zu sein part von the neu DSDS jury.

Foto: IMAGO / Jahn Pictures

Florian Silbereisen: THAT says Mike Singer about his DSDS entry

Mike Singer is so no longer part of DSDS. The 21-year-old was a DSDS juror weil das only one season.

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This DSDS jury will no much longer exist: Mike Singer, Maite Kelly and Dieter Bohlen. (Archive photo)

Photo: TVNOW

As ns singer said bei the newspaper, he should only be there for one season anyway. Mike Singer does notfall seem kommen sie be sure whether florian Silbereisen wollen be fine received von the DSDS viewers.

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This is florian Silbereisen:

Florian Silbereisen was born on august 4th, 1981 bei Tiefenbach close to PassauThe musician made his breakthrough an 1999 wie man he perform with carmen NebelSince February 2004 florian Silbereisen has actually been moderating ns “Feste das Volksmusik” bei the FirstTwo years later he made his exhilaration debut in the ARD film “King des Hearts” und his music debut in “Elisabeth”From 2008 kommen sie 2018, he and singer Helene fischer were die dream couple in the hit sceneSince then, Silbereisen has not introduced a neu girlfriend


When asked von “Bild”, he was initially cautious about florian Silbereisen. Still, the couldn’t stand up to a wenig swipe.


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He is not sure whether this is the ideal way zum DSDS.

But – und then he became conciliatory again: he could deshalb be mistaken. Florian Silbereisen can be a success zum the rtl show. (mkx)


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