With follow Me drone technology, the UAV is programmed kommen sie automatically follow sie around, giving you plenty des opportunities to film unique aerial shots.

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At current there are 2 types von drone follow Me technology. Here, we look at die technology used in drones that follow you.

Then, us review die 12 best follow me drones on the market appropriate now, with some terrific video along ns way.

We evaluation drones i beg your pardon follow freundin from DJI, Walkera, Yuneec, AirDog, Hover and more, consisting of Skydio und Autel, which are pretty new manufacturers von tracking monitor drones.

Drones the follow sie came on the scene an 2016 und the monitor me innovation has continued ever since. Generally, drones with follow me general practitioners mode, so have other gewollt flight system (Orbit, ActiveTrack, Points of Interest, Waypoints, Circle, topographisch Follow etc) giving sie even more flying und filming options.

Having a drone the follows you has an excellent benefits, including capturing an excellent moving selfies with your loved ones or recording your adventures bei very scenic locations.

At present, us are so seeing athletes, cyclists and mountaineers usage follow me gps drones to film from various angles with ns ultimate goal von improving their technique.

Flying using ns drone in Follow Me mode is also terrific fun. Follow me mode zu sein pretty amazing technology.

Most von the drones featured listed below are being used professionally together they oase exceptional cameras and stabilization. You kann sein read further on these wonderful uses zum drones. The article contains excellent videos.

Having a drone that follows sie along with having actually a 4k camera, then freundin know you wollen capture the best film and still photos des your adventures. To go through this article, so check in on ours article of the finest 4k drones on ns market.

Follow Me gps Drone Technology

Follow Me is an intelligent fight mode which turns your drone right into a hands-free aerial camera crew. Us are now seeing 2 types von Follow Me technology in use. There ist the GSC through Follow Me general practitioners transmitter technology und the latest using acknowledgment software such as DJI ActiveTrack.

Drone the Follow sie Using general practitioners Transmitter/ GSC 

Quite a few follow me setting drones usage a gps enabled device such together a cell phone phone, tablet computer or a Ground station Controller (GSC), together with a transmitter (wearable transmitter or cell phone phone). Die drone ist programmed kommen sie follow the transmitter und to keep die subject in the picture at every times.

Follow me an innovation creates a virtual tether betwee the drone und a GPS-equipped cell phone device, i beg your pardon allows the drone zu track you or one more subject bei motion. Most Follow me UAVs, can deshalb remain stationary und track ns subject über rotating, or it can move follow me with ns subject.

Here room 3 drones through use gps Transmitter devices zu allow die drone to follow you;

Skydio 2 monitor DroneHoly stone HS700 OpheliaHoly kies HS270

The over drones the follow freundin are featured additional down. You wear a GPS machine called ns AirLeash and the drone tracks the device. The AirDog möchte takes off, follow you und it deshalb lands autonomously.

The new Skydio 2 drone has actually a number des ways zu fly. One of these methods is through carrying the Skydio 2 beacon and the drone will track the beacon. Now the Skydio is highly advanced and using an intelligent visioning system to follow freundin and deshalb avoid obstacles. An ext on die fantastic Skydio 2 follow drone below.

Other drones together as the Holy stein HS700 Ophelia und Holy stone HS270 drone have radikale follow me mode. They use ns GSC as die transmitter. Deshalb the drone is basically programmed zu follow ns transmitter bei the remote controller and to keep ns subject bei the gemälde at every times.

Drone that Follows you Using acknowledgment Technology

The recent follow drones, which usage vision sensors and recognition modern technology along with software algorithms are as follows;

Skydio 2DJI Mavic air / wait 2DJI Mavic ProDJI Mavic 2 ProDJI Mavic 2 ZoomDJI Phantom 4Yuneec Typhoon HYuneec BreezeHover Follow sie droneWalkera enlightenment X4Walkera VitusAutel Evo

Sensors and recognition technology, along with software algorithms offer UAVs die ability to recognize und follow a person or object. This deep learning adhering to drone modern technology allows the UAV to track a moving subject there is no a separate general practitioners tracker.

You can see from die above list that DJI are ns leading manufacture of drones through follow sie technology.

In DJI quadcopters, ns software zu sein called ActiveTrack und is constructed into the DJI Pilot go 4 App und Assistant software zum the Phantom 4 und Mavic quadcopters. The latest ActiveTrack 2.0 on ns Mavic 2 quadcopter tun können recognize up to 16 different objects top top screen. Sie then choose ns object or personen to follow on screen in the DJI go 4 app.

Drone follow Me Software

The software zu program follow Me is generally built into ns overall drone application. DJI schutz their walk 4 App. The older 3DR drones which space no much longer manufactured used their SOLO App and the Arducopter d-i-y drone uses aufgabe Planner software.

Other manufacturers build ns follow me setting software into ns Ground terminal Controller (GSC) such together Walkera. With a couple of clicks freundin program what sie want kommen sie follow or track.

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The software ist pretty innovative using algorithms und calculations kommen sie track und keep ns object in view punkt all times. Many Follow Me applications allow you to program ns gimbal und camera through preset trip distances, height und angles giving your video very distinct cinematic perspectives.

Follow Me Distance

Each UAV manufacturer use various ranges v their follow me technology. It ist probably best to keep the distance short an the beginning as you get kommen sie know her drone. If too viel distance zu sein allowed between the GSC and the transmitter, the two could lose their connection.

With DJI, drones such as die Phantom 4, die GPS zu sein very strong weist a height des 30 meters (98.4 feet) und a distance von 20 meters (66.5 feet). DJI drones can follow you at a much further distance 보다 this.

Flight Safety

It is good to remember that die vast majority of Follow Me setting drones do not oase object avoidance. Follow Me mode zu sein great in wide open spaces or whereby there ist enough space so that their is no break an the gps signal.

Best practice zu sein to setup your her route und be responsibility or any obstacles that your drone might potentially crash into. Sie can also program your drone to fly above obstacles.

Nearly every drone heute allows you to set a home allude or a return zu home function. It is always ideal practice zu set your house point.

Remember kommen sie keep in eye on her battery and warnings. Don’t get so carried away with follow me filming that freundin run short on battery power.

Best follow Me Drones

Almost all of these drones featured below schutz extra intelligent flight modes such together Waypoints, Orbit, Points of Interest which provide you much more an excellent filming angles und opportunities.

All des the drones below oase tremendous gimbal and camera stabilization technologies zum capturing great video und stills.

Theses drones room all really easy to fly. In our post entitled just how to fliegen a quadcopter, we oase excellent video which zeigen you nur how straightforward it is to fliegen these latest drones.

Latest Drone That complies with You

New Skydio 2 Follow sie Drone

The Skydio 2 follow you technology uses die Skydio Autonomy Engine. This modern technology visualizes and calculates what’s happening around ns drone.

It can then intelligently guess what will happen next and will make specific decisions multiple mal a second.

The Skydio 2 monitor drone supplies 6 x 4k cameras zu build a 3D map of its surroundings, which wollen include trees, people, buildings und more.

By seeing und understanding your movements together with what obstacles kommen sie avoid und what will happen next, the Skydio 2 quadcopter möchte follow you hinweisen all times.

When the Skydio 2 quadcopter zu sein following you, it is using the full progressed vision system to track freundin through 3D space.

Using die Skydio 2 Beacon zu Follow

Using die Skydio beacon will allow the quadcopter to follow freundin everywhere, also if it can’t seen you.

The Skydio Beacon kann be offered simultaneously with die Skydio app or as as bei independent device.

When used with the app, Skydio 2 möchte be able zu use die Beacon’s general practitioners signal zu follow you.

Skydio 2 full Review

You can read our full Skydio 2 review here, which includes the tremendous features, specifications and excellent videos.

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Here zu sein a video, i beg your pardon shows sie all ns tremendous functions including monitor me mode on the Skydio 2. This drone absolutely has ns WOW factor.