Dr Lübbe Air Plus Test

son mattresses need to be good zum the back, there is no pollutants und safe. With four out von 14 mattresses but at the risk des inconvenience weil das infants, due to the fact that sleeping files are too soft, dafür is the "eco-test magazine" des the German magazine. An total, six of the tested mattresses to be scored "poor" or "poor".

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"Too soft a mattress is a problem because babies who are susceptible zu drowning may notfall be able kommen sie breathe," says Christine Throl, redaktion at Oko-Test, due to the fact that infants cannot yet respond to a lack of oxygen von lifting your heads or rotating, there is a threat that they möchte collapse. The modell are "Alvi tide baby mattresses" (137.94 euros), "Aro Sternentraum vital children's mattresses" (105.99 euros), "Dr. Lübbe air Premium infant Mattress" (108.90 Euro) and "Lonsberg youngsters Mattress Coconut Latex with Cotton ausführung "(230 Euro). Die maturity condition of the mattress zu sein tested on a "ball test". A template is placed on die mattress. If die test ball sinks until it touches ns edges of the template, die mat zu sein too soft.

also to prevent kunststofftrakt

kommen sie prevent drowsiness from too much softness des the mattress, there has been one since 2017 that has been tested von the clinical DIN standard for children's mattresses. However, it zu sein not legally binding. In addition kommen sie mattress hardness wie new, ns safety standard deshalb controls how long the mattress maintain its original hardness. It so contains instructions on usage und warning notices and mattress sizes. Also, die standard have to make sure that individual pieces or stickers do notfall slip from ns mattress. Virtually every 2nd mattress has extr values ​​for common violations. Modell "F.A.N. Die Medicine happy Kids" (94.90 Euro) von the Frankenstolz feuer got in "Inadequate" when die zippered handle was broken. Nur as babies usually put anything bei their mouths, they can handle it, too.

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When the child sleeps supine, die airways continue to be clear "Eco-test" is the advertisement von mattress manufacturer Alvi. Specifically it was announced that die mattress was designed so that ns possibility von reducing CO2 would be reduced. Thus, Alvi acts on parents' fear des their child's misery und that of a modell that is actually auch soft – deshalb it's notfall the criticism of the "eco-test"

ns cheapest model is "very good" "

bei addition to the five" notfall enough ", yet there are deshalb three mattresses, convinced des one" very an excellent ": The" Ikea Himlavav 3-D infant bed mattress "model zum 139 euros, die "Raccoon children's coconut mattress, cotton", available zum 149 euros, and the product "Dreamland Rainbow grundlegend Baby Mattress". This Träumeland model has a price of 75 euros even die cheapest bei the test. "But we also tried five mattresses made of latex coconut, latex or a combination von both. Ns covers and padding were so made des natural fabric, cotton and or wool," Throl said. There space extra points zum natural materials but nothing. Ns best natural test product v a "very good" in brand geraten is die Raccoon brand. Prolana's "Ronja Plus" model for 179 euro was rated "good".

All-clear zum pollutants

Fortunately, pollutants play just a minor role bei the case of Kindermatratzentests. Controversial substances such as antimicrobials suspected des cancer or halogen-organic compound – castle are considered allergenic – have been found in eight laboratory samples. Die volume is very small with no grind ease. Only the "Polished mattress weil das children's beds" (169.90 euros) antimony has been dafür greatly increased that it has actually been significant as "adequate".

every mattress modell mentioned in the write-up are also available from regional suppliers or online. Bei connection through the prüfen results, die "Öko-Test" recommends that all parents that buy one des the very soft mattresses need to return it – with recommendation to the test. "For goodwill reasons, service providers should deshalb accept them," says punkt least "Öko-Test" redaktion Throl. Source verknüpfung