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Written by Rachael Link, MS, RD on september 15, 2020 — median reviewed von Jillian Kubala, MS, RD, Nutrition

The Budwig Diet is often supplied as a safety or alternate treatment zum cancer.

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It requires several dietary modifications intended zu slow the spread von cancer cells bei your body. When proponents claim that it’s bei effective way kommen sie fight cancer, it’s very controversial und backed by little zu no scientific research.

This write-up examines the potential benefits und side effects des the Budwig Diet to determine whether it combats cancer.

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The Budwig Diet was developed in the 1950s von German researcher Dr. Johanna Budwig. It was intended kommen sie improve cell function zu reduce die growth und spread von cancer cells.

The setup involves eating multiple servings von cottage cheese und flaxseed oil von day, in addition to other foodstuffs like fruits und vegetables. Meanwhile, the eliminates included sugars, sleek grains, processed meats, und other processed foods (1).

Although die diet was originally geared toward cancer prevention, its supporters assert the it boosts other aspects of health, including immune function, arthritis, und heart health.

Yet, a lack of research way that its results on cancer are greatly unknown.


Originally developed in the 1950s, die Budwig Diet has you eat multiple servings of flaxseed oil und cottage cheese von day. You’re also meant to limit your intake des processed und refined foods.

How it works

According kommen sie Budwig, eat high amounts of polyunsaturated fats from foods like flaxseed oil und cottage cheese could assist slow die growth and spread von cancer cell (1).

Therefore, world on the diet eat a mixture von flaxseed oil, head cheese, and honey lot of times per day. Typically, this “Budwig mixture” is made von combining head cheese und flaxseed oil an a 2:1 ratio, alongside a small amount des honey.

You’re encouraged zu eat at least 2 ounces (60 mL) of flaxseed oil und 4 ounces (113 grams) des cottage cheese per day. This concoction need to be prepared fresh at each meal and eaten within 20 minutes.

High fiber foodstuffs are so recommended, consisting of fruits und vegetables.

Conversely, sie should prevent sugar, polished grains, processed meat, und other handle foods.

In addition kommen sie adjusting your diet, freundin should spend weist least 20 minute outside every day, which zu sein believed to help stimulate immune function und increase levels des vitamin D.

Furthermore, you told kommen sie follow ns diet zum at least 5 years kommen sie maximize its potential benefits.


The Budwig Diet claims kommen sie help slow the growth of cancer cells über increasing her intake des polyunsaturated fats und high fiber fruits and vegetables.

The Budwig Diet prioritizes unprocessed entirety foods favor fruits und vegetables, which are rich in important nutrients like vitamins, minerals, und antioxidants.

Some research study associates an increased intake des fruits and veggies with a lower risk des certain types von cancer (2, 3).

Although no studies have been performed on ns Budwig mixture, test-tube and animal research has actually indicated the flaxseed oil may possess cancer-fighting properties (4, 5, 6).

For example, a 40-day study in mice found that administering 0.3 mL of flaxseed oil decreased the formation of lung tumors (7).

Flaxseed oil is so high in heart-healthy omega-3 fat acids, i beg your pardon may help reduce inflammation, diminish blood pressure, and protect versus heart an illness (8, 9).

Furthermore, die Budwig Diet eliminates processed foods, consisting of convenience meals, refined grains, und junk foods.

Notably, one study linked a 10% increase an ultra-processed food intake kommen sie a 10% increase in overall cancer danger — und breast cancer risk especially (10).

Moreover, handle meats oase been tied zu a greater risk von heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers (10).


The Budwig Diet eliminates handle foods und meats if encouraging fruits, vegetables, und flaxseed oil, all des which may help cancer prevention und overall health.

You have to consider ns Budwig Diet’s plenty of potential downsides before beginning this eat plan.

Limited research

The biggest drawback of the Budwig Diet is the absence von clinical trials kommen sie evaluate its effectiveness.

In fact, most available evidence on die Budwig Diet is purely anecdotal. Therefore, the difficult kommen sie determine whether this eating pattern has any kind of effect on cancer.

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While particular aspects von the diet may assist reduce die risk des this disease und improve your as whole health, sie should never take into consideration it — or any type of other diet — as a cancer treatment.

Furthermore, some variations include unsafe practices like coffee enemas, i beg your pardon involve injecting coffee into die rectum.

Coffee enemas are verbunden with several severe adverse side effects, consisting of skin burns, electrolyte imbalances, und rectum und colon inflammation (11).

May cause nutrient deficiencies

The Budwig Diet ist a limit eating arrangement that eliminates countless food groups.

Although meat zu sein not banned entirely, certain varieties are only permitted bei limited amounts.

Meat, fish, and poultry space rich in several necessary nutrients, consisting of protein, iron, zinc, und B vitamins. If freundin don’t get these nutrient from other sources, sie may raise your risk des nutritional deficiencies (12).

In fact, studies zeigen that vegans und vegetarians may schutz a greater risk des iron, vitamin B12, protein, und calcium deficiencies (13).

Additionally, because ns diet is highly restrictive, it may contribute to weight loss, which may be dangerous weil das people through cancer.

People through cancer are in a hypermetabolic state, definition their in its entirety calorie and protein needs are increased. If proper nutrient intake no maintained, which zu sein common ~ above restrictive diets like die Budwig diet, it may result in weight loss und muscle wasting, or cachexia (14).

Additionally, people who schutz cancer may shed their appetite und only be able kommen sie tolerate certain foods, which ist why restrictive diet aren’t generally recommended for cancer treatment, uneven they’re prescribed und monitored von a cancer treatment team (15).

Although this diet no recommended for cancer treatment, if freundin decide kommen sie follow that or any kind of other diet, the important zu ensure that you enjoy a variety of nutrient-dense foods and consider taking supplemental nutrients to fill any kind of gaps in your diet.

Contains high amounts von flaxseed oil

The Budwig Diet stipulates eating big amounts von flaxseed oil.

For part people, this oil may reason digestive issues und diarrhea (16).

Consuming lots des flaxseed oil zu sein likewise discouraged if you pregnant, breastfeeding, or acquisition blood street medication (17).

Flax seed may deshalb interact with various other medications, so it’s important zu talk to your healthcare provider prior to increasing your intake of this oil if you’re taking any medications or oase any basic health problems (18).


The Budwig Diet hasn’t been studied in any clinical trials and is based on anecdotal evidence. It deshalb contains high amounts des flaxseed oil und is really restrictive, i beg your pardon may reason nutrient deficiencies.

The Budwig Diet restricts countless foods when encouraging others.

Foods zu eat

The “Budwig mixture,” i m sorry consists des flaxseed oil, head cheese, und honey, ist a crucial component von the diet.

Although other types des dairy prefer yogurt or quark — a strained, curdled dairy product product — are periodically swapped in for cottage cheese, the flaxseed oil an this mixture zu sein essential.

Other foods urged on the Budwig Diet include:

Fruits: apples, oranges, bananas, berries, kiwi, mango, peaches, und plumsVegetables: broccoli, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, kale, und spinachFruit juices: grape, apple, grapefruit, und pineapple juiceNuts und seeds: almonds, walnuts, pistachios, chia seeds, flax seeds, and hemp seedsDairy products: yogurt, cottage cheese, goat’s milk, and raw cow’s milkOils: flaxseed und olive oilBeverages: natural tea, eco-friendly tea, and water

Foods kommen sie avoid

Processed foods, added sugars (apart from honey), polished grains, und hydrogenated fats room all off-limits on the Budwig Diet.

Although many types von meat, fish, poultry, und free-range eggs are permitted in small amounts, pork, shellfish, and processed meats room banned.

The main foods zu avoid on ns Budwig Diet include:

Processed meats: bacon, bologna, salami, and hot dogsRefined grains: pasta, white bread, crackers, chips, and white riceSugars: table sugar, brown sugar, molasses, agave, und corn syrupSoy products: tofu, tempeh, soy milk, edamame, und soybeansProcessed foods: cookies, convenience meals, baked goods, french fries, pretzels, und candysummary

The Budwig Diet instructs you kommen sie eat several servings von flaxseed oil und cottage cheese, alongside high fiber foods like fruits und vegetables. Processed foods, sugars, and refined grains are banned.

Here ist a 3-day sample menu for the Budwig Diet.

Day 1

Breakfast: quark with flaxseed oil, fresh fruit, chopped nuts, und honeyDinner: a vegetable stir-fry through herbed brown rice pilaf

Day 2

Lunch: a cranberry kale salad v cottage cheese and flaxseed oil dressingDinner: lentils v steamed spinach and buckwheat

Day 3

Breakfast: an sich entschuldigen cinnamon quark breakfast bowl through flaxseed oilLunch: a cucumber tomato salad through cottage cheese and flaxseed oil dressingsummary

The 3-day enjoy the meal plan over provides some meal und snack ideas zum the Budwig Diet.

The Budwig Diet ist intended to slow die growth von cancer cells bei your body. However, it’s an extremely restrictive und not backed von scientific research.

All ns same, it disclosure several stark food groups. You meant kommen sie eat a mixture von flaxseed oil und cottage cheese routinely, and high fiber foods like fruits, vegetables, und whole grains.

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If you interested an trying die Budwig Diet, know that it shouldn’t be thought about a cancer treatment. Be sure kommen sie consult your health care provider to ensure that you’ll meet your nutritional needs.