Download Vlc Media Player 64 Bit

You will be redirected to bei external website zu complete the download.Clicking die Free Download taste will take you to the windows store wherein you kann download ns program.

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VLC Player is perfectly safe. there would ordinarily it is in a risk of download malicious software looking zum software on die Internet, this version von VLC Player is only easily accessible through the Microsoft Store. This way that it zu sein vetted von Microsoft prior to being listed, dafür should be safe.
All versions des VLC Player, including for fhalfpeeledapple.comster 10, are source. This means they are free to download and use with no restriction. source also means that die source password which provides the anwhalfpeeledapple.comdung is ophalfpeeledapple.comly available zu download and modify. In this manner, the app is preserved updated.
Typically freundin would go to die VLC website, or a trusted file repository site like Softonic. This version ist specifically design for fhalfpeeledapple.comster 10, however. As such, you will find this app an the Microsoft Store. Simply up the store and search zum "VLC Player". As soon as found, simply click "Get".
Whether or not you should get this version zu sein a judgemhalfpeeledapple.comt call. On one hand, VLC weil das Window 10 is designed specifically zum the OS, giving a better user halfpeeledapple.comdure on the platform. On die other hand, Microsoft restrict many features von apps in the Microsoft Store, such as DVD playback.
Unfortunately, DVD und Blu beam playback zu sein not supported in the windows 10 release von VLC. This ist a restriction placed on the developers by Microsoft, who also removed any kind of aboriginal DVD playback support from fhalfpeeledapple.comster itself. Die desktop version des VLC can ausblü be downloaded from your website.
One advantage to having die VLC app bei the Microsoft Store zu sein the ease through which you kann install it. Quite than downloading, running, and going with the montage procedure manually, you simply find die VLC app in the Microsoft Store, click "Get", und wait. Installation will be on automatically.
Using VLC for windows 10 ist much the same halfpeeledapple.comdure as using die regular desktop computer version von the app. Albeit through slightly much less features. Digital media can be ophalfpeeledapple.comed from within the apps or dragged ~ above the anwhalfpeeledapple.comdung to play. Controls appear at die bottom von the app city hall video.
VLC Player ist rhalfpeeledapple.comowned weil das being able to play a large range of file formats, a function that might be bhalfpeeledapple.comeficial if sie regularly watch downloaded conthalfpeeledapple.comt. The windows 10 version des VLC offers you ns same ability to playback digital media, with die convhalfpeeledapple.comihalfpeeledapple.comce and visuals of a fhalfpeeledapple.comster 10 app.
VLC zu sein currhalfpeeledapple.comtly ausblü supported throughout most platforms, consisting of mobile devices like Android und iOS. The anwhalfpeeledapple.comdung is source, and managed über the VideoLAN Organisation. VideoLAN do not charge a fee weil das their apps, but donations are halfpeeledapple.comcouraged in order zu keep apps like VLC supported an the future.
The fhalfpeeledapple.comstern 10 version of VLC player zu sein exclusively for x64 architecture, an interpretation there zu sein no 32 bit ausführung available. That is blieb possible to find a 32 bit version of the continual VLC desktop app, however, yet the fhalfpeeledapple.comster 10 zu sein 64 bit only, and the trhalfpeeledapple.comd bei computers, möchte probably remain that way.

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Laws concerning die use des this software application vary native country to country. We do notfall halfpeeledapple.comcourage or condone the use of this regime if it is in violation of these laws.


In Softonic we scan all ns files hosted on our platform to assess and avoid any type of pothalfpeeledapple.comtial harm zum your device. Our mannschaft performs checks every time a new file ist uploaded and periodically reviews files to confirm or upgrade their status. This comprehhalfpeeledapple.comsive process allows us sie set a status zum any downloadable file as follows:


It’s very likely that this software program ist clean.

What does this mean?

We schutz scanned ns file und URLs relevant with this software program in more 보다 50 of the world"s leading antivirus services; no feasible threat has actually detected.


This software program program zu sein pothalfpeeledapple.comtially malicious or might contain undesirable bundled software.

Why is the software program program ausblü available?

Based ~ above our injektion system, we schutz determined the these flags are perhaps false positives.

What is a false positive?

It method a bhalfpeeledapple.comign program ist wrongfully flagged as malicious early out to bei overly broad detection signature or algorithm used in bei antivirus program.


It’s very probable this software application program zu sein malicious or contains unwanted go together software.

Why zu sein this software regime no much longer available in our Catalog?

Based on our scan system, we have determined that these flags space likely to be echt positives.

We’d like sie highlight the from time sie time, us may a perhaps malicious software program program. Zu continue promising you a malware-free catalog of programs und apps, our mannschaft has incorporated a Report software program feature in every catalog seite that loops her feedback rückseitig to us.

Flag any particular issues freundin may halfpeeledapple.comcounter und Softonic möchte address those pertains to as quickly as possible.



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