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The shirts, make light von a tragic event bei which a echt person lost her life, read “Guns don’t kill people, Alec Baldwin kills people.”



Last week, a horrifying tragedy developed on the set of in Alec Baldwin movie bei which die actor, apparently told the a prop firearm he’d been handed did not contain any live rounds, accidentally shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza.

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an his first public declare following ns incident, Baldwin tweeted, “There are no words zu convey my shock and sadness regarding the tragic accident the took ns life von Halyna Hutchins, a wife, mother and deeply admired colleague von ours,” including that he ist “fully cooperating with the police investigation to attend to how this tragedy occurred” und “in touch with herstellung husband, providing my support to him and his family. My heart ist broken zum her husband, your son, and all who knew und loved Halyna.” If yes sir a normalerweise way zu respond zu such in awful, inexplicable event, this is it. Understand what isn’t? selling merchandise mocking an episode an which a ja wirklich person lost herstellung life. Everyone choosing kommen sie do together a thing would obviously be a substantial psychopath, much more than most likely raised über a large psychopath—which is why, surprise: Donald trumpf Jr. zu sein currently hawking T-shirts make light von the tragedy.

Insider reports that die ex-president’s son und namesake, who’s been gunning to succeed his dad as the biggest asshole on Twitter, zu sein offering shirt on his website that read, “Guns don’t kill people, Alec Baldwin death people.” Obviously we will not be linking to such crap, yet if you as destructive a person as Don Jr. And want kommen sie walk around in public with this “joke” on your body, you tun können choose zu sport it in black, navy, heath gray, or military green, und it’ll collection you rückseitig $27.99.

According to the Independent, Junior shared a photoshopped bild of Baldwin attract the österreichisch on Instagram, whereby he also shared a meme that said, “Let’s every watch Alec Baldwin blame ns gun,” with die caption, “It’s only a matte of time.” (This line zu sein actually a weird self-own of gun nuts like Junior, who liebe to claim, “guns don’t death people, world kill people” after miscellaneous mass shootings when, an fact, that is die guns the are the problem.) supposedly confronted around being an opportunistic jackass, Junior take it to instagram stories and wrote, “Screw all die sanctimony ns seeing the end there. If the shoe was on the other fuß Alex Baldwin would certainly literally be the first person pissing on everybody’s tomb trying kommen sie make a point. F*ck him!” tonnage week he post a meme with die caption, “That look at when bei anti gun nut kills much more people through a gun than your comprehensive firearm collection ever before has.”

Strangely, small has not had anything to say about the fact the his father was responsible weil das thousands von Americans shedding their lives last year kommen sie COVID, und won’t elevator a finger to encourage people zu take steps zu avoid dying bei easily preventable death right now. Maybe “Guns don’t kill people, pieces von shit named löschen kill people” zu sein too long zum a shirt?

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So this markierung Zuckerberg guy ist pretty awful, huh?

One day he is letting U.S. Politicians lie in ads und defending Holocaust deniers, ns next he’s transferring water for Vietnam’s Communist splitterpartei as that cracks under on dissent. Von The Washington Post:

In America, ns tech CEO ist a champion des free speech, reluctant kommen sie remove also malicious und misleading content from ns platform. But bei Vietnam, upholding the free-speech rights des people who question federal government leaders could have kommen sie with a far-reaching cost bei a nation where the social network earns much more than $1 billion an annual revenue, according to a 2018 estimate von Amnesty International. Deshalb Zuckerberg personally decided that facebook would comply through Hanoi’s demands, according zu three world familiar with die decision, speak on die condition of anonymity to describe internal firm discussions. Ahead of Vietnam’s party congress in January, facebook significantly increased censorship of “anti-state” posts, giving die government near-total manage over ns platform, according to local activists und free-speech advocates.

And if criticizing die Vietnamese government ist apparently a no-go zum Zuck, hate speech gets die green light:

Frances> Haugen references Zuckerberg’s public statements hinweisen least 20 times in her SEC complaints, asserting that ns CEO’s singular power und unique level of control over facebook mean he bear ultimate responsibility weil das a litany des societal harms. Herstellung documents appear kommen sie contradict the CEO on a host des issues, including the platform’s influence on children’s psychological health, whether its algorithms contribute kommen sie polarization und how viel hate decided it detects around die world.

For example, Zuckerberg testified last year before Congress that the company gets rid of 94 percent des the hate speech it finds prior to a human being reports the — but internal documents zeigen that that is researchers approximated that ns company was removing much less than 5 percent von hate decided on Facebook. Bei March, Zuckerberg told Congress the it was “not weist all clear” the social networks polarize people, wie man Facebook’s own researchers had actually repeatedly uncovered that lock do. Die documents — disclosures make to die SEC und provided to Congress in redacted form über Haugen’s legitimate counsel — to be obtained und reviewed by a consortium of news organizations, including ns Washington Post.

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In herstellung congressional testimony, Haugen accused Zuckerberg—who started Facebook’s predecessor deswegen college students might rank women’s looks—of repetitively prioritizing growth over die public good, in allegation echoed von other former employees that, naturally, die company denies. In a statement, a spokeswoman for facebook told The Post, “We have no advertisement or moral incentive to do anything other than give die maximum number des people as viel of a hopeful experience together possible. Prefer every platform, we space constantly making difficult decisions between free expressions und harmful speech, security and other issues, und we don’t make these decisions within a vacuum—we depend on the input von our teams, too as external subject matter experts to navigate them. But drawing these societal lines zu sein always much better left zu elected leader which zu sein why we’ve spent many years advocating for Congress kommen sie pass updated internet regulations.”

Get all set for elon Musk kommen sie be even much more insufferable 보다 he already is


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