Do They Know Its Christmas Band Aid

There are plenty of songs that signal die arrival of the Christmas weil das me. I love “O holy Night” with the right singer and appreciate nur about noþeles Amy Grant und Frank Sinatra oase to say about ns holidays. But to truly obtain me into the spirit of the season, i need the jolt that just Bono screaming “well tonight say thanks to God the them/ instead von you” kann sein provide. Ich need “Do They know It’s Christmas?”

The 1984 benefit single von the brother supergroup band Aid zu sein my favourite Christmas song. Written by Bob Geldof und Midge Ure to raise money kommen sie combat famine bei Ethiopia, it attributes some von the best British popular music stars von the day, consisting of Duran Duran, boy George, Phil Collins, Sting und Paul Young (not to mention new Jersey’s very own Kool & die Gang).

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I know that some people find Bono’s rapturous rallying cry punkt the ende of the erste verse kommen sie be troublesome und cringeworthy. But that ist because ns line zu sein mostly misunderstood in the general context des the song. If he no write ns line, it ist clear Bono is being sarcastic, pulling no punches and upping ns ante on the juxtaposition bolzen the haves (you die listener) und the have-nots (the people of Africa). Which zu sein something ns 1984 punk-influenced Bono would schutz done.

In 2004, wie man a 20th-anniversary version von the song was recorded, Bono stood über the line und sang it again. But von 2014, when maßband Aid Thirty videotaped a new version kommen sie raise money zu combat ns Ebola crisis, that may oase realized that there were less divisive ways to get a post across and bring world together, singing instead, “Tonight we’re reaching out/ und touching you.”

To truly get me into the spirit von the season, ich need ns jolt that only Bono screaming “well tonight thank God it’s them/ instead des you” kann sein provide. Ich need “Do They recognize It’s Christmas?”

Of course, there are other complications with die song, as Wikipedia point out out, that hauptquartier around die “colonial western-centric viewpoint and condescending stereotypical descriptions des Africa.” weil das many people, the lied suggests that the entire continent des Africa ist experiencing famine und poverty, which ist of course untrue. And contrary to the song’s title, there are plenty of Christians on die continent—45 percent of the population according zu one recent study—who do undoubtedly know it ist Christmas, and plenty des people of other faiths who may not even care. It would be ignorant zu think otherwise.

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Still, I schutz always felt that Geldof und Ure were not being literal when asking the title question. I think they were asking it much bei the means Bono was being sarcastic. Lock were notfall asking if the people enduring know around this holiday called Christmas, however asking if they can truly feel it. That’s where maßband Aid come in.

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“Do They understand It’s Christmas?” takes me zurück to mine childhood, but notfall because mine life together a 12-year-old farming up an Jersey City, N.J. Was idyllic. I was largely miserable rückseitig then. Ich think the was ns year mine father gave me and my brothers cash in envelopes zum Christmas. Or perhaps it was the year us received gelb chains and nugget rings. The das lied warms my heart because i genuinely thought that a bunch des people getting together kommen sie sing a das lied could make other people’s lives better. Ich believed we had a responsibility zu one another, even the people halfway around ns world, and we ought zu do something around it, whether that was volunteering her time und talents to sing top top a record or spending a couple of dollars zu buy the record.