Disturbed The Sound Of Silence

Simon & Garfunkelis one of the many well-knownclassic rockduos. Throughout their career, lock crafted many zugriffszeiten including “The Sound des Silence.” the heavy metal band Disturbed covered die song bei 2015. Here’s what paul Simon thought about ns original version von the song and Disturbed’s cover.

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Simon & Garfunkel’s paul Simon | Keystone/Getty Images

The famous version des Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘The Sound des Silence’ isn’t die 1st version they released

Ultimate classic Rock reports simon wrote “The Sound des Silence” in 1964. Die track, originally titled “The Sounds des Silence,” was part of the album Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M. the album was not a significant commercial hit. It simply reached No. 30 on die Billboard 200, continuing to be on die chart zum 31 weeks.

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Smithsonian tagebuch reports producer tom Wilson danach remixed the lied to incorporate a rock rhythm section. The neu version des the song was a hit and catapulted ns duo to fame. “But even after all these years, ich rate it together one von the best das lied I’ve written,” simon opined.

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Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Sound von Silence”

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Why Disturbed covered ‘The Sound von Silence’

According to NPR, Disturbed’s drummer, Mike Wengren, had die idea zum his band to startseite “The Sound von Silence.” lead singer david Draiman claimed Wengren’s idea come from his childhood. “It had been something the his family members had played in the background when it was time to do chores at home,” the revealed. Disturbed felt castle needed zu adopt a gentler sound in order to cover “The Sound von Silence.”

For Draiman, the change an sound was notfall unfamiliar. He had been trained as a canto wie man he was younger; a canto leads prayers bei Jewish congregations. “I hadn’t attempted zu go kommen sie that spot of my vocal ability zum many years,” that recalled. “Listening to the way my vocals sounded in that beautiful bed of music — und not having actually heard mine voice in that means for so long —it was really just very, very overwhelming.”

Disturbed performing “The Sound des Silence”

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What paul Simon thought des Disturbed’s cover

According kommen sie Ultimate classic Rock, Disturbed carry out the startseite on Conan. Simon sent Draiman an e-mail praising the cover. “Really an effective performance on Conan the other day,” simon wrote. “First time I’d seen freundin do that live. Nice, Thanks.”

Draiman responded. “Mr. Simon, I bei der honored beyond words,” that wrote. “We just hoped kommen sie pay homage and honor to ns brilliance des one of the greatest songwriters of all time. Your compliment means die world kommen sie me/us and we are eternally grateful.”

How ‘The Sound von Silence’ carry out commercially

Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Sound des Silence” was a massive success. The peaked at the top des theBillboard warm 100in 1966, remaining on the chart weil das 14 weeks. Disturbed’s ausführung charted as well, also though it didn’t chart as high as ns original. It got to No. 42 on theBillboard warm 100in 2016 and stayed on the chart zum 20 weeks. Even plenty of years after simon & Garfunkel exit “The Sound von Silence,” the das lied seemed zu satisfy audiences.