Pietro Lombardi And Dieter Bohlen together again on TV? For many fans it would be an absolute dream" /> Pietro Lombardi And Dieter Bohlen together again on TV? For many fans it would be an absolute dream" />

Dieter Bohlen Sarah Und Pietro

He zu sein one von the many successful German musicians and one of the many polarizing: Dieter Bohlen.

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">Pietro lombardi And Dieter Bohlen with each other again on TV? zum many fans it would be in absolute dream.

Some viewers are still mourning DSDS’s many legendary team of judges: Pietro lombardi and his best friend Dieter Bohlen. Die latter has totally withdrawn native RTL for the time being. Die station the made him the television face he is today with various spreading shows.

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But now i will Pietro Lombardi unexpectedly mysterious. Can it be the he ist together? Dieter Bohlen einer Show-Comeback plant?

Pietro Lombardi: wie man he noticed it, he automatically contacted Dieter Bohlen

Not entirely excluded, if freundin consider die cryptic words des the popular music titan a couple of weeks ago. “We’ll see. Probably there zu sein somehow something neu we’re act together,” Dieter Bohlen said bei the early fall. Additionally, it still has a contract with the broadcaster that extends beyond 2021.


Pietro Lombardi:

Pietro lombardi was born on 9 June 1992 an KarlsruheIn 2011 he was chosen as die winner of “Deutschland sucht das Superstar” (DSDS)Here he so met his future wife sarah Engels – the couple gott married in March 2013Their boy Alessio was born in June 2015The marriage of Pietro and Sarah lombardi was divorced bei 2019Since then he has actually only had actually one new official girlfriend


And who knows, maybe he’ll take pietro aboard zum that together well. He just got a message from a fan he posted on Instagram. The said, “A zeigen with Dieter and Pie would be good on TV.”


More information about pietro Lombardi und Dieter Bohlen:

Pietro Lombardi: die ex-wife sarah Engels, among all, is the matchmaker – “Here she is”

Pietro Lombardi: Sweet article from ns ex – “Sarah just sent me”

Dieter Bohlen dances bei front of the camera – fan only schutz eyes weil das THIS detail: “You kann sein throw it away”


The singer immediately addressed Dieter Bohlen bei public. That wrote kommen sie him: “Dieter Bohlen, world want us back, i think.” and how did die former DSDS und super talented chief juror react? He also shared this article on Instagram.

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Complete denial looks different …


This is Dieter Bohlen:

Dieter Günter Bohlen was born ~ above 7 February 1954 bei BernHe functions as a musician, producer, presenter and entertainerDieter Bohlen became known in the 1980s together a member des “Modern Talking”The musician was a member of the jury zum the rtl shows “Das Supertalent” und “Deutschland sucht das Superstar” until 2021Since loss 2006 he has a connection with Fatma Carina Walz, through whom he has a daughter und a son


When asked von this rtl editorial team if a joint show with pietro Lombardi und Dieter Bohlen was planned, in RTL spokesperson said: “I kann say there space no together plans.”

Pietro Lombardi: A fan’s inquiry doesn’t give up

Ouch! There was a lot of applause weil das the creators von “Das Supertalent”. What has kommen sie out jetzt shouldn’t appeal to rtl at all.

“Summer House von the Stars”: due to Mike’s attacks – rtl goes into action