Nadja Abd elastisch Farrag, recognized as Naddel, make the efforts hard kommen sie stay in the spotlight after ~ breaking hoch with popular music titan Dieter Bohlen. There to be headlines about bosom cradles, affairs, struggle appearances, bankruptcies, crashes. Now “Naddel” has actually disclosed her pension decision.

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From Mallorca to die North Sea: ns Ballermann amusement mile on die Balearic island has been paralyzed due to Corona. Bei addition zu many various other artists, Nadja Abd elastisch Farrag, die former partner of pop titan Dieter Bohlen, make a life there with singing jobs. Past. “Naddel” at this time lives bei Dangast on die Jade Bay bei Lower Saxony and works as a in brand geraten ambassador weil das puff pastry.

A job that Dieter Bohlen’s ex-girlfriend relies on, because she cannot live on herstellung pension alone. As she go in bei interview with ns “Neue Post”, which, amongst other things, was published punkt RND read, claimed she had nur received her pension notice. “200 euros,” stated 55-year-old Naddel. “At the moment I don’t oase a job und live top top air und love. By the ende of the year I’ll do ends meet with my savings. After that, it’ll it is in tight,” Naddel ist quoted together saying.

however there zu sein hope: in addition to herstellung job as a in brand geraten ambassador, she functions at ns North Sea, according kommen sie media reports, as a waitress, as a masseuse and bei housekeeping bei holiday apartments.

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