Die wilden hühner und die liebe online sehen

I commonly don’t write stories set bei places where ich live. But the neu Dragon driver adventure is my liebe song zu Malibu, where ich lived for five years und may direkte again at some point (as I blieb own part land in the hills :)

This story is also a love song to ns oceans des this world and all die creatures in them and hopefully - most von all! - bei adventure you wollen enjoy as viel as i did writing it!

"Freefab!", as Freddie would say. O yes, this lang lost brother of Twigleg is already one von my favourite characters zu write around :) "Of course!", Freddie would say.

Du schaust: Die wilden hühner und die liebe online sehen

Currently you tun können only lakers our welcome page, yet little by little the different doors des Cornelia"s new website möchte open.

Cornelia has actually moved - und her website zu sein getting a makeover

4 november 2021 – A previous Agriturismo in Tuscany möchte be Cornelia's new home and meeting place weil das her Artists an Residence weil das the next couple of months.

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The composing barn in Malibu (Photo: michael Orth)


Cornelia's neu writing place an Tuscany (Photo: michael Orth)


Cornelia's new Tuscan house (Photo: michael Orth)

Cornelia landed in Pisa ~ above 1 september 2021.

She has bought in estate adjacent that zum many years had actually been bei Agriturismo.

Here she plans kommen sie continue herstellung artist-in-residence project - initially zum one year.

Below you möchte find a letter indigenous Cornelia in which she explains how she decided zu move indigenous California kommen sie Italy. Deswegen a gewächs has changed, and a last will continue kommen sie change. Notfall least her website.

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In California, ~ above Cornelia"s farm, over there used to be an old barn that she had converted into a writing house. Und for a long time, ns website looked just like that barn. But now the barn ist no much longer suitable. Every little thing on the estate bei Tuscany zu sein slowly coming together. Die furniture is ausblüten on its way von ship, and Cornelia is also only slowly settling into herstellung new home. And the very same goes zum her website. As cornelia sets up produziert new rooms, a recording studio, bei old tavern, and a studio in the garage an the near future, this site will also be set up page von page: your guest room, Cornelia"s area, ns books-and-stories section...

We"ll give you a glimpse through ns keyhole right here on the Welcome page.

1 september 2021


Dear Readers!

I am sure most des you understand that for von now 4 years I schutz lived on the wild West Coast, or California, as they called it, an a small town referred to as Malibu.

I lived v fires und floods on the old Avocado Farm ich bought. It was a an excellent place zu be at when covid changed every our lives und it taught me around donkeys and rattlesnakes, around barn owls and redtail hawks. It made me realize that i would liebe to invite young artists from every over the world kommen sie talk und work with them und to give them a ar where they kann create.

Bonsall, as ich called my Farm, has taught me dafür many things that ich will always carry it through me. It gave me good happiness, many neu friends, exorbitant neighbours und the ideal avocados i will ever before taste. However now ich decided zu move to another farm, on a hill in Tuscany, and have olive instead des avocado trees.

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Why?The zuerst reason is man made. Our climate ist changing due to the fact that humans forgot how kommen sie live an this welt with respect zum the others that share this welt with us. We claim kommen sie be more clever than anyone else, yet our actions show another truth. We are die only ones that don’t understand how zu live an this welt without ruining it.There had actually been no rain weil das months where i lived. Die fires room raging nearly every day somewhere on that coast by now, even high up North. Tot forests, killed über the drought, feeding them, yet where there are no tree there ist no rain. Without plants there is no life on ns planet.

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So…. Ich sold my farm yard to in organisation the wants to restore ns land und plant stark food und will hope keep the magic of this place alive. Und I move zu a very alt house top top a hill near in even older town an Italy, through many olive trees und a creek und a well kommen sie continue, what i started in California: i will invite artists from every over ns world to stay und work an 4 little apartments that when were ns pig stables (that’s true!).

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I’ll oase all mine artist friends come to teach music, animation, writing and whatever else we come up with. There will hopefully be rain und no fires, yet let’s see! die world ist changing everwhere. I look forward kommen sie be back bei Europe as ich miss mine friends und family there. And I know all the wonderful friends i found in America möchte come und visit – and are luckily really exited that i move zu Italy.Well, most of my characters end up in Italy an my books, deswegen it zu sein not that viel of a surprise, is it? und my Italian wollen hopefully soon be as in der nähe des as it once was!