Die Toten Hosen Kauf Mich! Titel


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ArtistDie toten Hosen
3.12 / 5.00.5 from 114 nennen
#1,193 zum 1993



XonE Dec 11 2008 1.50 stars
This is what die Hosen sound. Totally equal zu their complying with albums.

Du schaust: Die toten hosen kauf mich! titel

Sense- und Meaningless Textes und every riff zu sein easy zu follow.

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pete1405 Mar 23 2008 4.00 stars
having actually lived in Germany barely sechs months wie this was released my struggling command von the language allowed me zu understand ns title "Kauf MICH" (Buy ME) which i found oddly amusing. Wie man you opened ns CD jewel situation the zuerst thing sie would read ist "Danke" (Thanks). Cute!"Kauf MICH" is significant in the band's career together it marked die point whereby they were accepted von the mainstream together evidenced von this gift their 2nd consecutive # 1 album i beg your pardon held oberteil position an Germany zum 13 weeks. This confirmed their vault original inhaltsstoff release "Auf zum Kreuzzeug in das Gluck" had actually been no fluke.The band, however, whilst gift accepted by the mainstream did not become mainstream themselves. Several tracks on ns album would certainly never seen the light von day on conservative German fm radio as the subject zutat was too taboo. The album catapulted ns band an their most difficult touring schedule yet und resulted them being available a support slot on eco-friendly Day's 1994 us / Canadian leg. Eco-friendly Day were letztere invited to open up weil das the Hosen on their German tour bei support des the "Kauf MICH".

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Cactus might 10 2007 3.00 stars
an Germany, ns Toten Hosen are much like a cult band because of their witty, irreverent und intelligent provocations. Kaufen MICH! delivers just that. The music zu sein nothing exceptional, nur - oh, deshalb 90's classic rock, deshalb the lyrics space the hauptsächlich point von interest, reflecting the neu threats the Germany and the entirety Europe were encountering at ns time: immigration, society integration, unemployment, AIDS und so on. If you kann sein speak German, you wollen hear this themes treated through a distinctive grotesque sense von humour. Otherwise, i strongly suggest zu find the translations on die net.The opener mimicks a commercial, with one tonnage remark: «Wir sei glücklich uns in ihr Geld», "We prefer your money". And the tonnage sentence ~ above "Hot-Clip-Video-Club" zu sein pure genius: «Befriedigen sie ihr inneres Schwein», "Satisfy her inner pig".The weakest moments come in the second hilfreich of ns album, when the lyrics frequently slip right into self-pity and the music is still just - oh, so 90's. Overall, kauf MICH! runs fast und tight zum the erste seven lieder before settling into in average performance.
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