Die server-ip-adresse von wurde nicht gefunden

Hello, I blieb have the issue or the belästigung of not being able kommen sie connect ZP through Strava.

Du schaust: Die server-ip-adresse von wurde nicht gefunden

I require this connection und link bolzen these 2 programs zu participate and ride in some races whereby it’s a compulsory recquirement.Can you help me ?Thanks.Greetings

Issue is blieb not solved. URL seems zu be wrongDie Server-IP-Adresse von www.www… wurde nicht gefunden

Cannot attach halfpeeledapple.com zu Strava, says wanne Request. Schutz tried to uncheck every checkboxes the same verfehlt


Hey everyone, thanks zum your report over ns weekend. We had actually a holiday weekend here in the U.S., so we’re just catching back up v your reports und feedback. This worry has to be flagged to the engineers, and as us did with the tonnage round, I’ll perform my best kommen sie keep sie all updated wie we acquire it fixed.

Again, we’ve got a backlog von stuff kommen sie get through, and our team working top top halfpeeledapple.comPower ist running an the red right now to get sie all zurück up und online through a smooth experience. Please allow us part time und grace together we work zu help.

Ride On.

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Yes. I can’t sync my tasks


Hey Drew, thanks zum flagging this one zurück up. I’ll make certain we obtain eyes on it promptly.

Quick question weil das you: are freundin on halfpeeledapple.compower.com or www.halfpeeledapple.compower.com ? If you’re on www.halfpeeledapple.compower.com kann you you re welcome simply shot halfpeeledapple.compower.com?

Either way, I’ll acquire this one written up!

Drew_Rolli - wie you obtain this message, sie will seen the dual “www” in the url together well. Eliminate one des the “www”"s native url and press enter and it works (well, did zum me and a mate).

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DeanThanks man…I swear ich actually tried that und it was ausblüten not connecting, BUT, tried again von removing ns duplicate “www” as you suggested, tabbed under to the Authorize button, hit die spacebar and…back bei business!

Dean assisted me out, but i was using die “Connect kommen sie Strava” taste from halfpeeledapple.compower .com.

All sorted now though…

I discovered a Workaround.After getting ns error ich deleted the additional www. In the URL und refreshed die page

The exact same workaround solved the belästigt for me, die hyperlink native halfpeeledapple.com power has www.www.halfpeeledapple.compower bei the address bar. Seems favor it must be in easy fix zum ZP…

Dear halfpeeledapple.com…this double www. Ist the problem und the solution provided here zu sein a workaround that works for users. Can this it is in a typo in the redirect path or do freundin simply notfall need kommen sie specify www in the redirect path?