Germany"s football Association, the DFB, has released a film about your team"s historic world Cup victory. halfpeeledapple.com"s Oli Moody was bei Berlin to watch the first screening of "Die Mannschaft."


Germany"s world Cup victory in Brazil currently seems favor a far-off memory. As those des us in the northern hemisphere edge deeper right into winter, ns sun-soaked stadiums von Salvador, Fortaleza und Rio juni Janeiro feel precisely like what castle are: hilfreich a world away.

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perhaps the chance to relive some von the large moments from the tournament, not to mention the glorious sights Brazil has zu offer, zu sein what makes ns prospect des watching "Die Mannschaft" deswegen enticing.

the film startseite the German national team"s 2014 world Cup campaign from anfang to finish, start with its training camp bei Italy und ending with die celebrations top top the fan Mile bei Berlin. Ns production team was given access to ns players and backroom employee throughout the tournament, v every detail caught on camera.

the result is an intimate look at at the entire procedure that carried Germany that fourth world title.


Germany, die world champions, face Gibraltar und Spain over die next international break

Beaming v pride

that is bei achievement that has actually yet kommen sie sink in for some of the players. Defender über Mertesacker spoke to halfpeeledapple.com on ns red carpet ahead of the premiere. That told united state he ausblüten can"t fairly grasp the fact the he, along with his previous teammates bei the German national team, ist a welt champion.

He included that he hope watching the film and seeing the key moment on display several months on would make it all easier zu comprehend. Various other members von the victorious formation admitted they were excited to seen themselves featured in a film, a strange feeling even for people that play live an front of tens des thousands of fans every week.

Mertesacker self sums up "Die Mannschaft" fairly nicely in a line featured in the film itself. He was asked about an uncharacteristically tetchy solution he gave zu a reporter during in interview after Germany"s second round win over Algeria.

clearly feeling that the players to be being treated simply as footballers und not as human beings, Mertesacker said: "It verified the team was not nur alive on the pitch, but off it as well." "Die Mannschaft" gives viewers bei insight into ns two spheres des life that existed zum the players und staff before, during and after ns tournament.

It functions footage des all seven Germany matches, including every goal the Joachim Löw"s mannschaft scored in Brazil. Other major incidents, such as ns flashpoint in Germany"s opening video game that saw Portuguese defender Pepe sent off, lug memories des the competition flooding back.

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die segments reflecting victories against Portugal und Brazil act as a reminder von the sheer excited that come from city hall the mannschaft play. The film deshalb does well zu crank up ns tension throughout the prominent from Germany"s much more taxing games, particularly those versus Algeria und the final against Argentina.

Behind ns curtain


Germany fan get to lakers behind-the-scenes bei Brazil

But if those clips are an entertaining und vital part of the narrative, die value of the film lies in the scenes that nur what happened behind closed doors. Interviews through coaches and shots of tactics boards nur how every aspect of the operation was planned out in minute detail.

Pre-match mannschaft talks von coach Joachim Löw and Captain philip Lahm let fan see how ns leaders an the dressing room fired your troops up. In another informing scene, defender Shkodran Mustafi zu sein shown writhing in agony throughout a massage.

in this sense, "Die Mannschaft" ist a emergence behind ns curtain, distilling the hours des hard arbeit that get in preparing zum every video game into much less than 90 minute of footage zum viewers. But the film manages kommen sie avoid acquisition itself auch seriously thanks zu some moments of comic relief.

see Thomas müller dress up bei a dirndl after losing a bet with a physiotherapist helps to nur that even the most effective athletes can be brought zurück down zu earth. Likewise midfielder christoph Kramer"s rendition of Ronan Keating"s "When you Say Nothing at All," in initiation ceremony of sorts zum newcomers to ns squad, is a timely reminder the while they can be far better than the rest von us hinweisen football, castle sing prefer your uncle punkt a karaoke after ~ one drink auch many.

then there"s Mertesacker and Mustafi showing off your moves weist a splitter linterparty after ns final, dad-dancing in its purest form.

"Die Mannschaft" is about more than nur goals and press conference quotes. It gives fan greater access zu their idols than they commonly get, und looks hinweisen what happened away from die media spotlight bei June and July. But it is still, hinweisen its heart, a film about football and football players. If this year"s welt Cup didn"t leave sie wanting more, then possibly "Die Mannschaft" doesn"t oase much zu get your juices flowing.

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But zum anyone yearning to experience once an ext those weeks bei the summer, when die only thing better than the weather was die football, this ist quite simply important viewing.