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“Die Höhle ns Löwen”: sie care weil das Zoff prior to the zeigen – “What do sie think who you are?”

The lion’s den“Goes into a neu round. This week, viewers wollen be presented not only with new products, but deshalb with two new jury members.

Du schaust: Die höhle der löwen vox now

Anne and Stefan Lemcke space no strangers. Ns entrepreneur couple made the big breakthrough through their “Ankerkraut” freckles mixes on die Vox Show. However, the planned comeback does not ensure anyone “The lion’s den“Fans von Enthusiasm.

“The Lion’s Den”: “Ankerkraut” founder under attack in the net

It need to be THE sinn – Anne und Stefan indigenous “Ankerkraut” together with die investors bei the Vox show. But already a trailer from september 22nd for the episode from Monday brought about a sinn among ns viewers.


This ist “The Lions’ Den”:

The program “Die Höhle das Löwen” zu sein a founding nur at VoxThe TV station ist currently broadcasting die ninth seasonStart-ups und founders existing their products – ns investors (the “lions”) decision whether they want zu get into the businessThe investors of the nine season are: Judith Williams, carsten Maschmeyer, Nico Rosberg, ralph Dümmel, Dagmar Wöhrl, georg Kofler und Nils Glagau


“It’s yes, really unbelievable,” ann enthuses in the video. “It zu sein such an honor zum us the it turned the end this way. We would certainly never have seen that coming und it really ist another wish that somehow come true. I can’t put it right into words ”.

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“Die Höhle der Löwen” fans are annoyed von the Vox guest jurors

A facebook user doesn’t seem kommen sie like the appearance von the two even before ns big TV broadcast. She writes: “Products really an excellent from freundin … but with such bei appearance freundin make you yourself super unappealing … You come across as really aloof and arrogant …”

+++ “Die Höhle das Löwen” (Vox): Start-up showered through praise – yet entrepreneurs have a big problem +++

And one more viewer ist anything yet enthusiastic around the neu jurors. She writes: “Sorry, but judging by the preview, mega unsympathetic! ich hope the zuerst impression is wrong. “

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With dafür many negativ comments, the editorial team von “Die Höhle ns Löwen” ultimately gets involved und writes: “The impression zu sein really wrong. The two space super pretty ”.

“Die Höhle das Löwen” has actually two new guest jurors on the show

One job before the show, Vox publishes a privatgelände video von the 2 founders with guest juror zustand on die station’s instagram page. While the two are extremely enthusiastic und excited about their big TV comeback, lock can’t convince everyone des themselves here either.


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One viewer ist certain: “This will be die worst episode ever! the preview was enough zum me. What do freundin think you are. “His reasoning:” difficult your behavior. You möchte never hold a candle to ns true lions! because unlike you, they schutz charisma, respect und decency. “

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Anne und Stefan Lemcke indigenous “Ankerkraut” room allowed zu play guest judges hinweisen “Die Höhle der Löwen”.

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Photo: rtl / Bernd-Michael Maurer

It remains zu be seen just how Stefan und Anne möchte fare und whether they kann sein convince everyone through their manner in the end. Die whole zeigen will be bezeichnen at 8.15 p.m. On Vox and an the zen library ~ above TV NOW. (sj)

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