Die Besten Lautsprecher Bis 5000 Euro

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Best speaker Buying Guide: Welcome to What Hi-Fi?"s round-up of the ideal speakers you kann sein buy an 2021.

Du schaust: Die besten lautsprecher bis 5000 euro

The best feasible stereo sound quality blieb comes indigenous a pair von hi-fi speaker – no matter how great one-box wireless speaker might schutz become.Our round-up von the best stereo speaker you kann sein buy below will ensure your residence audio system is treated to die best feasible audio performance zum your budget.

Whether you"re top top a tight budget or ready to splash die cash, take it your pick from our selection von the best stereo speakers, no matter what genre of music freundin plan kommen sie play. We schutz both floorstanding speakers und bookshelf speakers kommen sie recommend, and desktop, active, und a number of all-in-one wireless stereo speakers, as also featured bei our best system guide.

So even if it is you"re looking zum your zuerst pair von speakers as freundin build a residence music system, upgrading in old pair des budget speakers or going for broke with die best speakers your system, room und finances can accommodate, we"re here zu help. Read on zum our round-up of the finest hi-fi speaker on the market best now.

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How we choose the best speakers

Here atWhat Hi-Fi?we review hundreds von products every year, consisting of no small amount des speakers of all shapes, sizes und types. So how do we kommen sie to our review verdicts? and why tun können you trust them?

TheWhat Hi-Fi?team has an ext than 100 years experience des reviewing, testing und writing around consumer electronics. We oase state-of-the-art experimentation facilities in London and Bath, wherein our team of expert reviewers perform all ours in-house testing. This provides us finish control over the testing process, ensuring consistency.We constantly ensure we spend plenty von time with the speakers, trying them with various electronics, in different positions and with various music.

All assets are tested bei comparison through rival products bei the exact same category, und all testimonial verdicts room agreed upon by the team as a whole rather than a single reviewer, helping kommen sie ensure consistency and avoid separation, personal, instance subjectivity.

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From all des our reviews, us choose die top products to feature in our finest Buys, such together this one. That"s why if you take the plunge and buy one of the products recommended below, or top top any des our otherBest buy pages, you kann rest assured you"re obtaining aWhat Hi-Fi?-approved product.