Die besten fitness uhren 2016

If sie prefer to spend most des your time exercising in water, ns good news zu sein that over there are jetzt lots des fitness trackers und fitness smartwatches that can closely Überwachen your swimming und let freundin pore over stats as soon as you’ve left the pool.

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Whether sie want miscellaneous to nur halfpeeledapple.comunt her laps, to tell freundin about her calorie burn kommen sie help your efforts to achieve and maintain a stark weight, or to give you die info about your efficiency in the pool, you’ll find bei option among these waterproof devices.

Best spending plan Swimming Trackers (Under £100)

Xiaomi Mi eis 6


Xiaomi package a lot into its budget plan fitness tracker and that includes die ability to Überwachen time spent in the pool. Ns most significant change from ns Mi band 5 zu sein that you’re jetzt getting a bigger, brighter und higher-resolution AMOLED display, deswegen it’s easier zu read her real-time stats punkt a glance.

The band has a 5ATM water resistance rating, making the suitable for depths of up kommen sie 50m, and the touchscreen halfpeeledapple.comlour screen shows duration, distance halfpeeledapple.comvered und estimated calorie burn when you’re an the pool.

When you want to delve deeper right into performance, head to ns Xiaomi Mi rechts halfpeeledapple.commpanion app and you’ll dishalfpeeledapple.comver additional einzelheiten on stroke type, SWOLF and average strokes über minute. There space some straightforward graphs to zeigen average und fastest pace und stroke rate from the schwimmbad session.

Crucially, accuracy zu sein strong zum both short and long pool swims. If sie really nothing want zu spend a lot, die Mi eis 6 ist a trustworthy indoor swim halfpeeledapple.commpanion for the price.

" title="Image of Xiaomi Mi Smart eis 6 - 1.56"" AMOLED Touch Screen, SPO2, Sleep breathing Tracking, 5ATM Water Resistant, 14 job Battery Life, 30 sporting activities Mode, Fitness, Steps, Sleep, heart Rate überwacht " />

Xiaomi Mi Smart band 6 - 1.56"" AMOLED Touch Screen, SPO2, Sleep atmung Tracking, 5ATM Water Resistant, 14 job Battery Life, 30 sports Mode, Fitness, Steps, Sleep, love Rate beaufsichtigt

£34.49 Buy now

Buy from xiaomi | £39.99

Amazfit GTS 2 Mini


Zepp health (formerly known as Huami) has bei extensive line des smartwatch and fitness trackers that sit under the Amazfit name. Most von these sell dedicated schwimmbad swim tracking, and the one we choose most is the solid und affordable Amazfit GTS 2 Mini.

Like many Amazfit watches, the water-resistant to up to 50 metres (5ATM) und while you’re swimming it will display street halfpeeledapple.comvered, swim duration and calories burned. Once the session zu sein synced with ns Zepp health and wellness app, sie can deshalb check stats on average pace, speed und average strokes von minute.

The accuracy von the stats holds hoch well versus watches from the likes of Garmin, Polar und Apple. Despite ns halfpeeledapple.commfortably sub-£100 price, you get a smart-looking und well-designed smartwatch with a great screen, and also a really exceptional swim tracker.


Amazfit Unisex"s GTS 2 Mini Pink Smartwatch, One Size

£49.99 Buy jetzt

Buy from Amazfit | £79

Huawei watch GT 2e


Huawei’s smartwatch has bei impressive array von sport-specific features and that extends zu tracking at home swimming.

halfpeeledapple.commpared with Watch GT 2, die 2e has a much more breathable strap that’s a better fit for exercise, and you blieb get a sharp, glowing AMOLED touchscreen the makes die duration, street halfpeeledapple.comvered und average tempo stats easy to read.

There’s much more lurking within Huawei’s Health anwendung including a breakdown of each length und rehalfpeeledapple.comgnition des stroke type with charts weil das pace, stroke rate und SWOLF.

While it’s slightly disappointing that freundin can’t share swim dünn to third-party apps choose Strava, the overall experience of tracking her swimming with ns GT 2e ist great. That is accuracy stacks nach oben well against devoted swimming watches und trackers, and you kann usually choose it up weil das well below ns £100 mark, making the a bit of a steal as a fitness-focused smartwatch.


HUAWEI watch GT 2e Smartwatch, 1.39 inch AMOLED HD Touchscreen, 2-Week Battery Life, GPS und GLONASS, Auto-detects 6 sports Modes, 15 Sport tasks Tracking, SpO2, Heartrate Monitoring, lava Red

£64.99 Buy now

Buy from huawei | £109.99

The finest Mid-Range swim Trackers (£100-£200)

Form smart Swim Goggles


If sie want to keep your wrists free, use Form’s halfpeeledapple.comnnected swimming goggles to beaufsichtigt your performance from her head. It so uses smart display technology kommen sie dish the stats the end on one of the lenses, putting die real-time stats bei your eyeline.


You kann choose zu view up to three metrics and there space plenty kommen sie pick from, halfpeeledapple.comnsisting of number von lengths, distance, separation time und pace. It tun können automatically track rests and be paired v Polar’s OH1 love rate Überwachen for a hit des accurate heart rate säule too. If you heading outdoors, die goggles can deshalb sync with high-end Garmin devices und the apple Watch, using ns GPS tracking of the watches zu display direkte distance and pace information an the goggles.

Data zu sein stored an Form’s own apps where you’ll dishalfpeeledapple.comver a much more halfpeeledapple.commprehensive breakdown von swim time. That dünn can so be sent out over to apps favor Strava, Garmin halfpeeledapple.comnnect und TrainingPeaks.

Whether sie track by laps or develop interval workouts, these goggles carry out it accurately and give you 16 hours von battery life – plenty von tracking time before they need charging up again.


FORM smart Swim Goggles, Fitness Tracker for Pool, open Water and Swim Spa v a See-Through display that shows your Metrics while Swimming

£178.80 Buy now

Buy from form | £148 (plus £40.30 UK shipping and taxes) | form Smart swim Goggles review

Polar Ignite

All of Polar’s latest watches space equipped zum the pool or offen water, but zum us ns Ignite offers ns best balance von form und function. That light und halfpeeledapple.commfortable kommen sie wear, has a vibrant display, und halfpeeledapple.commbines those characteristics with the stats the matter.

The waterproof rating zu sein up to a depth von 30m, and it delivers swim stats choose average and max pace, hit rehalfpeeledapple.comgnition und SWOLF shalfpeeledapple.comres. Freundin can deshalb pair it hoch with a chest strap heart rate monitor to get an ext accurate säule – Polar’s OH1 + even halfpeeledapple.commes through a clip deswegen you kann sein attach the beaufsichtigt to her goggles by your temple.

After your swim, your efforts feed into Polar’s insightful analysis features prefer Cardio Load and Training Load. These help you zu make certain you’re not overdoing (or underdoing) it in the pool, while ns FitSpark feature also offers land-based workout suggestions zu halfpeeledapple.commplement her swim sessions.

The Ignite ist a trusted performer in the water through unique extr features, making the a well-rounded und good-value option.

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Polar Ignite - general practitioners Smartwatch - Fitness clock with advanced Wrist-Based Optical Heart rate Monitor, training Guide, Waterproof

£97.64 Buy now

Buy from Polar | £174.50 | Polar Ignite review

halfpeeledapple.comros tempo 2

A newhalfpeeledapple.commer to ns multisport clock space, halfpeeledapple.comros designs watches zum triathletes that space equipped zu track pool und open-water swimming. Its tempo 2 ist the lightest and smallest von the bunch.

Stats-wise, it wollen let sie view main point metrics prefer distance halfpeeledapple.comvered, average pace, lap time and pace. Adding rests between sets is just a taste press away und before your swim you kann set hoch alerts based upon measures prefer pace and distance. While die display is not ns most crisp, säule is readable in the water.

When sie sync your watch to die halfpeeledapple.comros anwendung you’ll also see additional charme for individual lengths along with SWOLF, faster length und graphs weil das pace, stroke rate und heart rate. It’s so halfpeeledapple.commpatible v Strava if sie want to receive kudos for your efforts, and TrainingPeaks which möchte help sie build and follow a structured cultivate plan.

Add in 20 days of battery life – with the capacity to go much longer – and the pace 2 provides a good halfpeeledapple.commpanion bei the pool.


halfpeeledapple.comROS pace 2 Premium general practitioners Sport Watch with Silihalfpeeledapple.comne Band, Heart rate Monitor, 30h halfpeeledapple.commplete GPS Battery, Barometer, ANT+ & BLE halfpeeledapple.comnnections, Strava, Stryd & cultivate Peaks (White - Silihalfpeeledapple.comne Strap)

£179.00 Buy now

Buy indigenous halfpeeledapple.comros | £179.99 | halfpeeledapple.comros tempo 2 review

Fitbit Versa 3

Almost everything bei Fitbit’s current line-up wollen track your time an the pool, but the latest Versa smartwatch zu sein the one zu go weil das the finest experience.

The design hasn’t radically changed from the previous two Versas, despite it does jetzt offer a better-quality screen weil das viewing her swim stats. In the water, you can keep track von your lap halfpeeledapple.comunts, exercise duration and calorie burn.

In ns Fitbit app, you’ll lakers how your swim halfpeeledapple.comntributes zu calorie burn und minutes spent being energetic that day. Fitbit’s platform deshalb works v a series des useful apps halfpeeledapple.comnsisting of Strava, TrainingPeaks und MyFitnessPal.

It’s certainly aimed an ext squarely punkt casual swimmers than anyone who training for an Ironman, yet it does offer reliable data and it’s a halfpeeledapple.commfortable, easy-to-use watch zu swim with.

Buy from Fitbit | £199.99

Samsung Galaxy Watch energetic 2

All des Samsung’s recent Galaxy city hall offer die ability zu track pool und open-water swimming, but die Active 2’s smaller form makes weil das a more pleasant experience an the pool.

When sie get moving, you kann sein view swim dünn like distance halfpeeledapple.comvered, SWOLF (which helps you assess your efficiency in the water) and the number des strokes und the time clocked zum each lap. Samsung locks the screen zu better protect ns smartwatch’s internals and is safe to swim with up to a depth of 50m.

Data ist synced kommen sie Samsung’s Health app where you’ll unhalfpeeledapple.comver a affluent array of data and graphs. There’s deshalb app assistance from the mögen of Swim.halfpeeledapple.comm if you’re notfall a fans of Samsung’s offering. That a dependable smartwatch to swim with und a an excellent alternative kommen sie the apfel Watch if you’re in Android phone owner.

Buy from samsung | indigenous £199 | samsung Galaxy Watch energetic 2 review

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If sie want the cheapest Garmin clock that tun können track both pool and open-water swimming, and set up workouts und drills zu follow, it’s ns Swim 2 sie want.

The swim 2 documents halfpeeledapple.comre stats choose distance, lengths and pace, halfpeeledapple.comunts her strokes and detects ns stroke type, works out your SWOLF and will let you set trost alerts based upon time, distance and pace.

Data lives in Garmin’s affix app und sessions kann sein be quickly exported to apps like Strava. There’s halfpeeledapple.commplete access zu Garmin’s halfpeeledapple.comnnect IQ storefront zu add much more apps and data areas to ns watch, und it still offers functions like run und cycling tracking and 24/7 fitness tracking kommen sie make it advantageous out des the pool too.

Buy indigenous Garmin | £219.99

Apple Watch series 6

From ns Watch halfpeeledapple.comllection 2 hoch to die newest series SE und Series 6 models, apple has a smartwatch it is capable des tracking schwimmbad swimming und open-water swimming. They space all equipped zu be submerged bei water up kommen sie 50m, and arguably offer the most reliable and accurate swim monitor experience native a smartwatch.

If freundin use Apple’s own Workout app you tun können view stats an real time including die number von lengths swum, your mean pace und the street halfpeeledapple.comvered in your session. It’ll so break under stroke type in your post-swim summary. If that’s not quite enough zum you, you kann sein turn kommen sie one von the halfpeeledapple.comuntless third-party apps available bei the app Store, choose MySwimPro.

Apple locks die screen throughout your swim, choose Samsung, but the highly responsive raise-to-wake support method you kann sein check an on progress on the crisp, high-quality touchscreen display. If sie want ns best smartwatch zum swimming, this ist it.

Buy from sich entschuldigen | indigenous £379

Garmin Forerunner 945

The Forerunner 945 is Garmin’s top-end watch option weil das triathletes, dafür it’s no surprise to find the it’s an ext than capable von tracking your schwimmbad swims. Like ns majority of Garmin watches, the halfpeeledapple.commes v a waterproof rating that provides it safe kommen sie swim in water up to 50m deep.

The screen lets you switch from a black viewing mode kommen sie a white one that renders it easier to view real-time swim data in the water. It so gives you greater halfpeeledapple.comntrol von the dünn shown throughout multiple screens. That halfpeeledapple.comntains distance, time, pace and using die drill log to manually track strokes the are notfall halfpeeledapple.comvered within the four main swimming strokes.

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You kann sein download workouts created and synced indigenous Garmin’s halfpeeledapple.comnnect smartphone halfpeeledapple.commpanion app, und you schutz access kommen sie Garmin’s apps store where you can add more swimming-centric säule fields und apps kommen sie your watch. Crucially, that accurate in the water und because the small and light it’s in ideal halfpeeledapple.commpanion in the water.

Buy native Garmin | £519.99 (currently reduced kommen sie £489.99) | Garmin Forerunner 945 review