Die Besten Disney Plus Filme

Disney Plus has been available in large parts von the world zum close zu two years now. It lasst uns subscribers watch hundreds of movies indigenous Disney’s extensive library. However which are the best movies on Disney Plus?

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While there’s notfall a ton von great TV shows kommen sie stream on Disney plus at the moment, that actually ns opposite zum films. Over there are so many great classic und current movie on Disney Plus, the a struggle to create a list von the finest ones. However, that’s nur what we have done. Take it a look weist our picks zum the top 12 best Disney add to movies, to add a huge number of honorable mentions. And if freundin don’t schutz Disney Pus yet, you tun können sign up for the leistungen at the verknüpfung below for a special limited time promo preis of nur $1.99 weil das the first month of service.

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Best movie on Disney Plus:


Walt Disney took a large risk v this 1937 film. Nobody but die animation pioneer thought world would sit bei a theater und watch a feature-length man movie. However, Walt proved the doubters wrong. Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs was, und still is, in incredible creative achievement. The cel animation artwork is ausblüten excellent. It also doesn’t try kommen sie be quite all die time. This film kann get really dark at zeit as the evil Queen tries to take down Snow White. The set the formula for dafür many Disney animated films zu come, and it ausblüten works as well as it did end 80 years ago.


Three year after eye White, Walt Disney take it another substantial risk through Fantasia in 1940. The idea was to introduce young people kommen sie classical music über creating a series von animated short subjects. Every segment des Fantasia was inspired von music von classic greats prefer Bach, Beethoven, und Stravinsky. The most famed segment is The wizard Apprentice. It features Mickey computer mouse who has actually his simple magic order get way out des control. Die final result got mixed reviews wie man it was zuerst released, however has due to the fact that been identified as a true movie masterpiece. It functions images and animation that had even been attempted before.

We möchte warn parental there zu sein some nice dark content bei Fantasia. That includes the final segment, Night on früh Mountain, i beg your pardon depicts devils und evil spirits. Be certain to also check the end Fantasia 2000, which features mostly neu animated segment inspired von more classical music.


In 1994, Disney exit what numerous consider kommen sie be its best cel-animated film ever. That tells ns story von a lion cub and his growth into die leader of in animal kingdom in Africa. There are deswegen many order that stand out in The Lion King. Die introduction des Simba to his subjects zu sein terrific. The first meeting of Simba v his pals Timon and Pumbaa ist funny. Scar’s act des betrayal gives us cold house every time. Die songs von Elton John and Tim Rice are so excellent. The Lion könig may be together perfect as an animated film as you can get and easily one des the ideal movies top top Disney Plus.


Like Fantasia, there to be many human being inside and outside of Disney that didn’t think a feature-length CGI animated film would work. However, the Pixar studio (now part of Disney) knew better. This 1995 film broke ground zum CGI an general, und for family films together well. Die tale des a gruppe of playthings who live in “Andy’s room” jetzt seems prefer a no-brainer zum a family movie. Ns leader des the group, Woody, gets threatened when a new advanced toy, room Ranger Buzz Lightyear, join Andy’s collection. While die animation is a little crude compared kommen sie today’s CGI epics, die story chin is ausblüten entertaining. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen lead in excellent voice cast. Also, you can’t beat Randy Newman’s “You got A Friend an Me” or the rest of the exceptional soundtrack.

You can deshalb watch Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3 ~ above Disney Plus. An 2020, the dienstleistungen added the latest entry in the series, Toy Story 4.


Many people think die best superhero film ever made was this Pixar 2004 release, and it’s hard zu argue! ns Incredibles tells ns tale von a family von powered individuals who oase to keep their capability a an enig as “Supers” room officially outlawed. However, ns family leader, Mr. Incredible, gets an offer from a secret benefactor that wollen let er return to his heroic ways. Von course, jene are notfall what castle seem, and soon his entire family is battling a villain who has actually a long-time grudge versus Mr. Incredible.

This movie is ultimately about how people, even superheroes, should notfall try to hide who they really space inside. The animation zu sein top-notch, the voice cast is terrific, and there room some great action set-pieces that rival those of even the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We also can’t forget ns hilarious Edna mode (voiced über director Brad Bird), that tries kommen sie help with her fashion abilities in a brilliantly curmudgeonly fashion.

One year after ~ Julie andrews made her film debut in Disney’s mary Poppins, she scored an even bigger hit through this 1965 music classic. The film is considered von many people kommen sie be ns greatest musical ever before made. Andrews’ performance zu sein perfect together Maria, a postulant who wants to be a ist gut but can’t help singing und wanting more. She it s okay it when she i do not care a governess zum the von Trapp family in Austria. Maria soon becomes a substantial influence ~ above the von Trapp children. She ultimately makes their father, played deshalb perfectly von Christopher Plummer, fall for her. When this zu sein based on the real von Trapp family and their experiences kommen sie get out des Nazi-led Austria an the 1930s, this zu sein not yes, really a history lesson. It’s just a joyous movie to aufführen to und to watch with family and friends.

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George Lucas might have thought he was making a kid’s movie when he thought up stern Wars. Bei the end, ns release von this film in 1977 transcended all genres und ages. At its core, this is a an are fantasy tale von a farmer boy, Luke Skywalker, that dreamed von leaving his home zum adventure.

Lucas’ original film has humor, action, und suspense. It deshalb had visual impacts that were years ahead des every other sci-fi movie, which make this tale von galactic problem even more real to in audience.

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We will state this version of A neu Hope zu sein the 1997 “Special Edition” ausführung with unwanted und distracting new effects und sequences. Regardless of this, and also the neu “Macklunkey” edit des the Han Solo-Greedo shootout, it’s still in all-time classic.

This is the just Disney Plus original movie top top this list, hinweisen least zum now. However, it ist a big one zu get. Originally planned zum a 2021 theatrical release, Disney decided to put this filmed version of the acclaimed stage musical ~ above its streaming leistungen instead. Ns musical ist based on the life des Alexander Hamilton, one von the establishing Fathers des the vereinigt States. Hamilton, die musical, was created über Lin-Manuel Miranda, who deshalb plays die title role bei this filmed phase version. The storyline des how ns United States was formed, an unified with attractive pop and hip-hop songs, zu sein a large reason if this zu sein on our finest Disney Plus movie list.

The release des Iron Man in 2008 was considered a risk at ns time. The character was a B-grade Marvel Comics superhero, play by in actor, robert Downey Jr, who had actually been on die outs an Hollywood. The was so headlining the first film from Marvel Studios, that wanted much more control des its characters in movies. Ns $100 million gambling paid off. Directed von John Favreau, Iron man was a breath des fresh air in superhero movies. Downey Jr. Confirmed himself zu be the perfect choice to play Tony Stark, a billionaire playboy who gets a crude oil awakening wie man he watch how the weapons his agency makes room used erste hand. That creates the Iron man suit, partially out des necessity, to combat ns use of his own weapons.

The final result zu sein a movie that is very faithful to ns Marvel source zutat but take away it in new directions together well. The post-credit sequence is deshalb significant as it shows ns true beginning von the interlinked Marvel Cinematic cosmos films. You can deshalb check out Iron man 2 and Iron einer 3 ~ above Disney Plus.

Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame room basically two parts des the same substantial (5 1/2 hour) superhero epic. They are die culmination of 10 years des storylines and over 20 movies bei the MCU that got started v Iron Man. Infinity zu sein is basically the story von the main villain Thanos, play terrifically (with part motion catch animation) von Josh Brolin. He is out zu kill half of the living things bei the universe, but he thinks he is a hero weil das doing so. Ns Avengers try to stop him from getting access kommen sie the sechs Infinity Stones, which room needed über Thanos kommen sie carry out his task.

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The 2019 released Endgame reveals ns aftermath von the zuerst battle between The Avengers and Thanos. The erste third des this three-hour movie zu sein a post-apocalypse film, followed von a heist movie an the 2nd third. It all leads zu the belastung third of the movie, with die Earth’s superheroes battling Thanos’s army. Gain your tissues ready.

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The recent Pixar film may be also one des its best. Jamie Foxx voices the role of joe Gardner, a middle-school band teacher who lastly gets the chance to play at neu York City’s finest jazz club. However, in accident kills turn off Joe, and his soul is sent to die Great Before, where neu souls room created prior to they head to Earth. Joe has kommen sie figure out exactly how his soul can get zurück to his body. Bei the process, that learns around his own life.

Best Disney to add movies: Honorable mentions

Even making an honorable mentions list zum the finest movies on Disney Plus was pretty difficult. However, us think you should inspect out these films on the leistungen as well: