If you like a laptop that transforms into a tablet (or angry versa), this are ns best ones to buy.

Du schaust: Die besten 2 in 1 laptops

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The best 2-in-1 laptop computers let you enjoy ns strengths von two devices an one: the power of a laptop, with die portability and accessibility of a tablet. Built with ns latest mobile pc components, die best 2-in-1s are thin and light, through gorgeous displays und efficient batteries that let you carry them through your day there is no worrying around finding a charger.

Thanks to ns rapid advancement des mobile components and display tech, 2-in-1 laptops and tablets space thinner, lighter, und more powerful than ever. What was once a small niche market is growing crowded through lots of different gadgets affording freundin lots of options, from laptop computers which wrinkles over into huge tablets kommen sie tablets through attachable key-boards that verwandeln them right into decent typewriters.

Of course, choosing die right one zum your requirements has gained a lot trickier too: review on zum our references on die best 2-in-1s to buy best now.

What are die best 2-in-1 laptop computers right now?

The samsung Galaxy Book zum 360 ist currently our pick zum the best 2-in-1 overall, as it delivers speedy performance and great battery life in a thin, light package through a beautiful AMOLED touchscreen.

Windows 11 ist out now, but even eligible fenster 10 equipments may notfall receive in upgrade offer until 2022. Many von the laptop computers on this list kann sein now be bought with fenster 11 pre-installed, but not all of them. If sie want a laptop right jetzt that"s guaranteed zu run fenstern 11 und show the off zu full effect, ns Microsoft surface Laptop Studio is a an excellent choice. It"s a powerful, well-built 2-in-1 that (when freundin splurge weil das the discrete Nvidia 3050 Ti GPU) tun können do some decent gaming or video editing. The optional $129 surface Slim Pen 2 stylus ist a little pricey, yet it bag nicely with ns Studio and works well on the convertible"s 120 Hz touchscreen.

If you"re top top a budget, us recommend the Microsoft surface Go 2. It"s a lightweight fenster 10 tablet that"s gott enough stärke to handhaben most jeden tag tasks, add to it has a decent webcam. With a price tag starting hinweisen $399 und a detachable keyboard consisted of — a rarity an the tablet world — it"s our pick zum most affordable 2-in-1.

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If battery life ist your top priority, the samsung Galaxy book Flex ist a great choice. It has actually a good touchscreen und a an effective Intel i7 CPU, yet still somehow managed to last an incredible fünfzehn hours und 44 minutes an our battery test.

+Beautiful 1080p display screen with dünn bezels+Great battery life+Remarkably thin and light+Comfy s Pen stylus
-Bad webcam-Screen might be brighter-Samsung apps feel prefer bloatware if sie don"t very own Galaxy devices

With the beautiful AMOLED touchscreen, great battery life, and comfortable s Pen stylus, the samsung Galaxy Book pro 360 is the finest 2-in-1 laptop zum creatives, students, und professionals who like kommen sie take notes or doodle.

While die webcam ist disappointing, die Galaxy Book jeden 360 hold together some des the latest and greatest fenster ultraportable materials with the Super AMOLED display tech and Galaxy machine ecosystem Samsung is known zum — though that tonnage part may be more hassle than assist if you"re notfall already a Galaxy an equipment owner.If you"re bei the market for a neu 2-in-1 laptop, this zu sein currently our top recommendation. It"s dafür good it won a recommendation weil das best laptop and best laptop display in our Tom"s overview Awards 2021.

Read our full Samsung Galaxy Book pro 360 review.

+Versatile sliding hinged display+Great speakers+Bright, vibrant screen+Slim Pen 2 stylus pen works well+Good battery life

Microsoft"s surface ar Laptop Studio is a reimagined Surface publication with a much more MacBook Pro-like design and bei eye-catching hinged display. This zu sein Microsoft’s flagship machine forWindows 11, i beg your pardon promises zu make fenstern a an ext inviting place zum both work und play. Like fenstern 11, the Surface Laptop Studio is advertised together a one-stop shop zum productivity, entertainment and creative work.

And weil das the most part, it ist all that: the 11th Gen Intel CPU and 16+ GB des RAM gives freundin enough stärke to tackle many work, and if freundin splurge zum a modell with the discrete Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Ti GPU ns Surface Laptop Studio so doubles together a decent machine zum gaming or video editing on die go.

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However, it"s a little bit pricey wie man you kit the out, und despite its an excellent components ns Surface Laptop Studio it is intended subpar power compared zu similarly-priced machines. But couple of other laptops kann match that is intriguing sliding hinged display, which tun können be tented over ns keys like in easel or slide all ns way flat zu turn ns Studio right into a hefty tablet.