Diablo 3 Season 17 Tier List

In this post, you will find ns list of the ideal classes zu conquer Diablo 3 Season 25. You will see them in Diablo 3 Season 25 Classes tier List with a variety of suitable builds.

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The new season adds neu legendary gems (Soul Shards) to the game you can read more about their mechanics here. They room powerful und have personal up and downgrades that wollen change your gameplay in many ways. Moreover, you kann sein place castle anytime an your equipment if you have a slot in your weapon her helm. Having neu seasonal changes bei mind we oase made this D3 Season 25 the Lords of mach das licht an classes tier list.

S tier


One des the few classes the has not received any type of changes (except zum the mechanics von the season). And this did notfall affect die Crusaders in any way. They still remain a strong class, able to clear ns high levels von Greater Rifts both solo and in a group. Und the well-proven Bombardment build is perfect zum this.

Crusader Overview

Recommended Build: Armor von Akkhan thorn Bombardment

B tier

Witch Doctor

Despite ns rework of the Spirit of Arachyr Set, which substantially improved its usefulness, the did notfall affect the situation in general. Weil das the Witch Doctor, everything remains the same – ns best build zum Solo better Rifts is ausblüten the heart Barrage v Mundunugu’s Set. Therefore, although ns Witch medical professionals received their buff, this did not an any way affect their place in the tier list, due to the fact that other classes overtake him an any aspect of the game.

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Witch physician Overview

Recommended Build: Mundunugu’s soul Barrage


The situation is similar with ns Witch physicians – after receiving ns Bones von Rathma collection buff, the Necromancers were also left behind other classes. Lock are significantly weaker than other classes an the higher Rifts solo push, however they feel great an a group. Necromancers ausblüten play a assistance role und can effectively clean hoch trash in Greater rifts thanks to die LoD skeleton Mages build.

Witch physician Overview

Recommended Build: Legacy von Dreams bones Mages

We hope sie find her way to achieve everything you want in Diablo 3 Season 25 through our Classes tier list.

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