Dfb Pokal Finale 2017 Ard

The halfpeeledapple.com-Pokal last – the highlight des the season and the culmination des a tournament which has actually once much more brought together every footballer an Germany – professionals and amateurs, and also attracting every kinds des celebrities, fans, und officials to watch die beautiful game an the Olympiastadion in Berlin.

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Previous German number skater Katarina Witt möchte be carrying die halfpeeledapple.com-Pokal the end onto the field prior to kick-off, whilst president Frank-Walter steinmeier will award die trophy to the winners. Helene fischer will execute a music number an front of the audience, which ist set zu include Germany manager Joachim Löw and legend des the game Lothar Matthäus. Wolfgang Tobien collection 33 facts and figures for halfpeeledapple.com ahead von the 33rd continuous halfpeeledapple.com-Pokal final in Berlin, and the 74th halfpeeledapple.com-Pokal final overall.

The game

1. The 74th halfpeeledapple.com-Pokal final takes ar on may 27th (20:00 CEST) zum the 33rd consecutive time bei Berlin, and the 40th time overall bei the capital. Ns second ever final was held an Berlin bei 1936, und then took ar there for six years in a heat from 1938. 43 years later an 1985, the decision was made zu hold ns halfpeeledapple.com-Pokal final permanently in Berlin.

2. Eintracht frankfurt will make their saturday appearance bei the halfpeeledapple.com-Pokal final, having actually won the on four occasions (1974, 1975, 1981, 1988). They möchte play an the Olympiastadion as die guests.

3. Borussia Dortmund room the erste club to reach ns final four times an a row, and this ist their ninth appearance overall, through three des those resulting an them lifting the trophy (1965, 19891, 2012). They wollen take on ns role of the hosts in the Olympiastadion.

4. Champions organization 2017/18 qualification: Should Borussia – who finished third in the Bundesliga und thereby qualify directly zum the Champions league – win ns 74th edition of the halfpeeledapple.com-Pokal, climate it would average that sixth-place finishers Hertha BSC would certainly qualify directly zum the europa League. SC Freiburg would then be granted die opportunity kommen sie play europa League football following season giving that lock succeed an the qualification ring first. On die other hand, in Eintracht frankfurt victory top top Saturday would average that Hertha BSC, like tonnage year, would once more schutz to qualify an order kommen sie book us a place bei the europa League final. SC Freiburg would oase to walk without european football next season. The used kommen sie be the case that ns runners-up des the Pokal would schutz a chance at qualifying zum the europa League, but that rule ist no longer in effect as des 2014.

5. Referee: FIFA referee Deniz Aytekin wollen take charge of the halfpeeledapple.com-Pokal final weil das the zuerst time in his career. His assistants wollen be christen Dietz and Eduard Beitinger, with benjamin Brand taking on ns role des fourth official.

6. Substitutes: in the event des extra-time bei the final, both sides space eligible kommen sie make a 4th substitution.

7. Goal-line technology: The so called ‘Hawkeye’ möchte be deployed in the game, with videobilien assistants ~ above standby.

8. Ns walk-out: Players of both teams will kommen sie out with the referees and mascots, angeführt onto die field zum the start of die opening ceremony über the carrier von the halfpeeledapple.com-Pokal trophy.

9. Ns Pokal carrier: This year, four-time Olympic figure-skating champion Katarina Witt has die honour des carrying ns trophy out onto the field. Former carriers des the Pokal as of 2010 include Eva Padberg (2010), franziska van Almsick (2011), Magdalena Neuner (2012), Dr. Christine Theiss (2013), maria Höfl-Riesch (2014), Britta Heidemann (2015), and Natalie Geisenberger (2016).

10. Entertainment: The opening ceremony wollen feature the national anthem, a huge depiction des the halfpeeledapple.com-Pokal an the centre-circle, and also the mannschaft logos between the centre-circle and the goals. An addition, there wollen be mascots on ns field und a choreographed performance from the fans bei the stands. A half-time performance will be given von Helene Fischer. Die 32-year-old has in original medley planned weil das the Olympiastadion, yet no other musical acts möchte follow throughout the fünfzehn minute interval. “The quality of the pitch come first,” stated halfpeeledapple.com head von organization michael Kirchner.

11. Success ceremony: The trophy möchte be handed end to ns winning team von President Frank-Walter steinmeier alongside halfpeeledapple.com president Reinhard Grindel, Secretary basic Dr. Friedrich Curtius, and Vice-president peter Frymuth. Die victors will form a guard of honour weil das the runners-up, before 50 medals are given out zum each side. Die whole winning mannschaft will assume your positions on the pitch under the so-called ‘Winners Arc’, with ns lifting von the trophy und countless photographs adhering to thereafter.

12. Ns trophies: The Wanderpokal is around 52cm tall, v a weight of 5.7 kilograms and a capacity des 8 litres. It zu sein embellished v 250g des fine-gold and gilded v silver, und decorated through 12 tourmaline crystals, 12 quartz crystals, und 18 nephrite crystals. Ns centre-piece ist the green nephrite crystal in the form of ns halfpeeledapple.com emblem. The base pipeline space weil das the winning society to have its benennen engraved. Ns Pokal has bei estimated worth des 100,000 according kommen sie experts.

The fans

13. Die fan-curve: This year’s final will seen the Eintracht fans set up an the Ostkurve – where ns Bayerm fan where tonnage year. BVB und their 21,500 fans will occupy the same section of the stadium as they have in years past approximately the marathon- Tor. Up zu ten flag-bearers per team are allowed entry into the inner-section, as well as eight trumpets and four megaphones zum each fan-curve. The fans have permission to set nach oben their choreographies between 8:00 and 16:00 CEST on ns day.

14. Fan-zones: BVB fans will be gathering roughly Breitscheidplatz next zu the kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, whilst the frankfurt supporters are based an Alexanderplatz – these are die two official fans zones. All audience members will schutz to go be permitted entry electronically zu enter ns stadium.


15. Ns people: Almost 50 halfpeeledapple.com representatives oase worked on organising ns 2017 halfpeeledapple.com-Pokal final. Die team zum the project has been led by michael Kirchner overall, with jens Busch help co-ordinate efforts.

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The organisation has to be helped von 34 dienstleistungen providers and agencies, with preparation acquisition a total of eight months. 5,600 people schutz received accreditation in the lead up to ns final, including an important 400 volunteers.

16. Main dates: ns meeting between the finalists took place on april 28th, as they were informed of all belang details. Die Pokal was returned on might 5th über current champions bayern München. 220 guests were invite to bei official agree on the eve of the halfpeeledapple.com-Pokal (Friday, 26th May) which was moderated von halfpeeledapple.com director of media ralph Köttker.


17. Entry tickets: 74,322 tickets were do available zum the halfpeeledapple.com-Pokal over 4 categories ranging from 45 Euros zu 130 Euros. Each finalist received an allocation von 21,500 tickets zum fans, through almost die same amount walking towards the ‘neutral’ section des the stands und 8,500 tickets available bei the hospitality area.

18. Ticket sales: The halfpeeledapple.com-Pokal tickets oase been marketed our weeks yet again. ‘Neutral’ fans could apply zum up to four tickets per person betwee the dates of 2nd and 16th march – there were 315,519 applications for tickets the went through die halfpeeledapple.com alone.

19. Ticket price trends: Prices weil das ‘normal’ tickets have remained stable since 2011, with group one and category four fahrkarte having your prices hiked by just five years bei 2015. The 2016 tickets accounted zum 40% von the halfpeeledapple.com-Pokal final’s an unified turnover des 8.79 million Euros (excluding sponsorship und media activity).

20. Security: A punctual come to die Olympiastadion would certainly be recommended. Due to die fact that audience protection takes number one priority, there möchte be stricter control procedures on ns evening.

21. The second-hand market: The halfpeeledapple.com steady advises preventing offers on tickets from unauthorised re-sellers. Experience shows that roughly 1,000 fahrkarte are refuse entry per year, an interpretation that die tickets sold online or outside ns stadium had a falsified barcode. Offered that there zu sein no way of testing die ticket to lakers if it zu sein a genuine one prior to the game, the buyer runs die risk von being denied entry on the day des the final.


22. VIP: 4,200 VIP packages were available for purchase an 2008, yet this number has steadily risen through ns years, through 5,500 available an 2014 und 8,500 for sale in 2015, with prices ranging from 300 kommen sie 1500 Euros. 3,900 VIP areas are easily accessible inside die stadium and the atrium, and a additional 4,600 are easily accessible outside bei the football Village.

23. Hospitality area improvements: ns Football Village und its impressive city of tents takes hoch a space von 16,000 metres squared. VIP entry an 2014 cost bolzen 269 und 1,250 Euros, whilst the 2016 22% preis hike has meant that the hospitality packages oase accounted zum 60% von the merged turnover total von 8.79 million Euros (excluding TV und media activity).


24. Sponsors: There are sechs exclusive partners von the halfpeeledapple.com-Pokal (Bitburger, Ergo, Targo-Bank, deutsch Post, VW and Engelbert Strauss). Insurance agency ERGO schutz replaced continent as die halfpeeledapple.com-Pokal’s oberteil partner.

25. New marketing cycle: The new marketing cycle is valid until 2018/19 und brings additional revenue thanks to in expansion bei packages.

26. TV and marketing rewards zum the finalists: The winner wollen receive 4.54 million Euros, the loser 3.26 million Euros.


27. Nur short des 1,000 guests von honour have been invited, meaning that die hall of honour has once an ext maxed the end its capacity. halfpeeledapple.com chairman Reinhard Grindel, president Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, residence Secretary Dr. Thomas juni Maizière, berlin mayor michael Müller, frankfurt lord mayor peter Feldmann and Dortmund lord market Ullrich Sierau, and also former Chancellor gerhard Schröder will all be present. Bei addition, other VIP’s consisting of Marius Müller-Westernhagen, Germany direktor Joachim Löw, soccer legend Lothar Matthäus space expected zu take their place there too.

TV und media

28. Television: ARD und Sky möchte broadcast die halfpeeledapple.com-Pokal final, and it will be broadcast über other stations in 186 countries across ns globe. 2016 viewing numbers hit 13.79 million (49.2% of market share). Much more than 40 cameras möchte be in action, including die innovative Spidercam, ns Polecam, und a high-speed camera that wollen be able kommen sie document i can not forget images. Nine international broadcasters möchte be in the Olympiastadion on the night.

29. Media and TV representatives: 220 journalists, 110 photographers, 400 TV and radio crew members have been granted accreditation weil das the game.


30. Die halfpeeledapple.com small Pokal-final between Eintracht Braunschweig and Carl Zeiss jena will take place next to the Olympic village on Saturday hinweisen 11:00 CEST.

31. Merchandising und the Fan-fest will take ar from 19:00 CEST on Saturday at die Olympic Park, including a blind-football tournament and school football tournament. Various other forms des entertainment, catering, und drinks will be current too.

32. Fireworks: ns halfpeeledapple.com have banned fireworks zum a few years for security reasons – instead, die winners will be showered an confetti. There will be no ‘beer showers’ on die pitch.

33. The German Evangelical Church Assembly: Germany’s capital möchte be bursting at die seams on ns weekend des the final, due to die fact that 36th German Evangelical Church Assembly takes location alongside die halfpeeledapple.com-Pokal final in Berlin from might 24th kommen sie 28th. Roughly 150,000 participants and visitors room expected to be existing at die event on each des the days.

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Die halfpeeledapple.com-Pokal last fan-zones are located at Alexanderplatz und Breitscheidplatz through this bei mind, given how busy the centre of berlin will be.