DSDS 2020: Ramon Roselly won notfall surprisingly

How Ramon Roselly came to be “Superstar 2020” We schutz a neu superstar – and he’s called Ramon Roselly! through a proud 80.82 percent des the audience votes, that leads die top des the voting bei the DSDS final.

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Yet how quickly was this win looming? how many world voted zum whom? We schutz summarized every voting <…>

DSDS 2020: all voting outcomes – Ramon Roselly won von far

How Ramon Roselly came to be “Superstar 2020” We have a neu superstar – and he’s referred to as Ramon Roselly! v a proud 80.82 percent of the audience votes, the leads die top des the voting an the DSDS final. Yet how quickly was this victory looming? just how many human being voted zum whom? We oase summarized all voting <…>

Ramon Roselly’s girlfriend Lorena kann sein hardly glauben his victory!


First videos call with girlfriend Lorena From ns beginning he was one of the favorites des this year’s season of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” and an the ende he was able to sing to victory. Ramon Roselly has been the superstar addition because Saturday night (April 4th). With bei incredible 80 percent von the callers’ <…>

These das lied smash ns candidates in live zeigen 2


March 21, 2020 – 9:14 in Who convinces with DSDS with voice and performance? ~ this for Ricardo Rodrigues after ns first direkte show des “Deutschland sucht das Superstar” ist over, six candidates continue kommen sie fight zum the superstar title bei the second direkt show. Ns special challenge: in addition zu their song, die candidates <…>

This is what it looks like in the studio


The erste DSDS moments without in audience march 14, 2020: ns first direkte show des “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” starts and it ist very special. Zum the zuerst time bei the history of DSDS, the nur takes ar (almost) there is no viewers.

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Because of the danger from corona virus has the mediengruppe RTL decided zu reduce <…>

These 7 candidates move right into the direkte shows


The DSDS direkte shows are just around die corner DSDS 2020: The direkt show candidates hinweisen a glance an the DSDS direkte shows, ns audience is in charge the top 7 candidates wollen appear bei front des a large audience in their first direkte show on Saturday, in march 14th. It quickly becomes clear who is <…>

Kevin “Kevo” Amendola voluntarily leaves DSDS bei the south Africa recall


Kevo Amendola promotes itself to die DSDS-Aus shortly before the recall final bei South Africa, the nerves of the candidates are blank. Finally, it is decided there that really has what it takes to be a superstar 2020 and who kann sein perform on the big direkte stage. A press that ist becoming more und more <…>

OFF zum Oana “Golden CD” Caro


These three kann sein only take place once in South Africa Oha, with die premature end for “Golden CD” candidate Caro nobody would oase expected! jury member Oana Nechiti had high hopes weil das the 15-year-old, but Caro is already end after the zuerst recall appearance an South Africa. Herstellung companions Luis and Daniela oase to to speak goodbye <…>

Dieter Bohlen offers Raphael Goldmann his “Golden CD”


Pop titan Dieter Bohlen does not shine for long At ns DSDS casting bei Hamburg, candidate Raphael Goldmann clears ns whole line: zuerst his pregnant girlfriend accepts his marital relationship proposal shortly before die casting und then ns 27-year-old also gets hold des it Dieter Bohlens “Golden CD”! and when the comes zu Raphael’s goosebumps performance, <…>

Pietro lombardi brings gangster Aschkan to tears


All dams break weist DSDS candidate Aschkan Gray jogging suit, beard, two tears tattooed under ns eye: DSDS candidate Aschkan Miri-Razani aussehen optically choose a really hard dog. Und the 21-year-old from darmstadt has the all together a fist.

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“I was aggressive 3 years ago. When someone said zu me, ‘son of a bitch,’ ich <…>