gewollt light bulbs, or apps which you kann use zu control ns heating – die developments bei smart house technology and the accompanying processes of digitisation are changing the housing industry. At ns same time, “digital natives”, who oase grown nach oben with ns internet und are offen to together technology, are ending up being increasingly important weil das companies. B-Colab zu sein a project in which deutsch Wohnen ist cooperating with die Institute des Electronic Business and iHaus, who space specialists in automated buildings and have a clever home app of the same name. The project brings digital natives and smart home modern technology together und researches, among other things, the advantages of these neu technologies an creating in intelligent home.


B-Colab stands weil das Berlin, co-working and laboratory. One tun können add “co-living” too because ns project also involves ns participants living together. What this means zu sein that college student on die master’s level course in online communication at die Anhalt University of Applied scientific researches are spending your practical semester living in a deutsch Wohnen level whilst carrying out accompanying research weil das the company.

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In ns shared accommodation, which has actually existed because October 2017, co-working und co-living are combined in a variety des ways. Whilst life together, die students space supported in their day-to-day lives in the flat über smart house technology. They test various clever tools to see if castle work zu meet daily needs. In all of this, the most necessary questions gift addressed are how a flat of the future might be equipped und what solutions and options there room that space viable zum all target groups.

The intelligent equipment needed for this project comes from the Munich-based developer iHaus, through whose clever home anwendung of die same benennen newly designed and also retro-fitted devices are collated and can then be regulated using a single user interface. These smart devices include controlled light bulbs, intelligent smoke alarms, WLAN sockets, a system zum the energy-efficient control of heating, und window sensors. Moreover, ns internet-based, gewollt personal assistant Alexa ist part of this all-round smart package.

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As part des the co-working between digital natives und employees of deutsche Wohnen, die topic des corporate health and wellness management ist being investigated. Ns aim here zu sein to adapt the management von health even an ext successfully to ns needs of employees und to digitise the processes involved. And also having the option von working ~ above this topic in the house office des their clever accommodation, the students were deshalb given their own co-working an are at deutsch Wohnen. Marcus Eilers, Head of Corporate Development and Strategy at deutsche Wohnen, summarises die advantages von this exciting project together follows, “With the B-Colab project, which bring together ns company, digital natives und research based on everyday experiences, we room acquiring essential knowledge kommen sie help us manage the increasing level of digitisation in our sector. At the same time, die employees of deutsch Wohnen are benefitting from these investigations into wellness management. And last but not least, ns students living in the smart flat space having in instructive and interesting time. So, that a win-win situation zum everyone involved.”

You kann read about die experiences die students are having actually with the smart technology in their level on their specialized blog:

Deutsche wohnen SE

Institute des Electronic unternehmen (IEB)

The Institute des Electronic business e. V. (IEB) ist the largest associated institute von the Universität der Künste Berlin und has to be transferring ns latest result from application-oriented research to industry because 1999. Die institute sees chin as in independent experte from science, that identifies market-oriented trends bei the field of digital communication, identifies challenges weil das companies and supports them through innovative solutions to make the right decisions in order kommen sie be successful an times of rapid media development.

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iHaus AG

iHaus has occurred a software solution zum linking and managing every internet-based devices and sees itself as a systems integrator for devices came to with the clever home und the internet of jene (IoT). The roots des iHaus AG lie in the company claus Heinemann Elektroanlagen GmbH. With its more than 20 years des experience an buildings management and network technology, this firm formed the base for die development von iHaus. Die iHaus app provides a platform through which internet-based devices can be managed – remotely too – und can it is in interconnected irrespective von the manufacturer. This is in open, integrative und future-proof systems which is responsive to ns needs und wishes des the user.