Deutsche frauen in saudi arabien

Ordinary Iranians schutz taken to social media bei response to Saudi Arabia"s reforms permitting women kommen sie drive. Many compared the emergence von women"s rights bei Saudi Arabia to die sluggish growth des Iran"s women"s movement.

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The imperial decree announced in late Septemberpermitting women kommen sie drive in Saudi Arabia has attracted a gewächs of attention on Iranian society media. And many Iranians saythe action forward weil das women"s rights bei Saudi Arabia shows how stalled ns women"s rights movement an Iran has become.

Ultraconservative Saudi Arabia ist Iran"s local rival und the just country bei the world kommen sie ban women from gaining behind die wheel. Ns order allowingwomen kommen sie drive is to be applied fromJune 2018.

One auf facebook user, Sherli Shamsian, posted her congratulations to Saudi Arabian feminists. "Following years of struggle by women"s rightsactivists in Saudi Arabia, frau are allowed kommen sie drive. I hope one day women will oase the same legal rights as guys across ns world, particularly an Muslim Arab countries."

Other Iranian society media individuals directed attention towards leaders von the women"s movement in Saudi Arabia. One des the most highlights figures is Manal al-Sharif, a top Saudi women"s rights activist und mastermind behind die "Women2Drive" campaign.

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In 2011, al-Sharif ended up being famous on society media after releasing in eight-minute video bei which she cd driver illegally through the stadt of Jeddah. She was harassed und jailed together a result and launched ns Women2Drive project afterwards.

Iranian women"s rights taking a rückseitig seat?


Manal al-Sharif was arrested in 2011 zum driving an Saudi Arabia in protest

Iranian society media was deshalb full of commentary against Iranian conservatives, whom doubters blameforobstructing the women"s movement an Iran. There was also praise weil das the growing dynamism von the women"s civil liberties movement in Saudi Arabia.

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Parinaz Etesam post on auf facebook that Saudi Arabia was pulling ahead des Iran on social issues. "As von next year, frau are allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, and even before, they were allowed to enter sports stadiums. Mine question weil das Iranian nationalists is how can you uncover a pretext jetzt to deride Saudi Arabia? since on many issues, it has actually left united state behind."

Another Iranian facebook user claimed Riyadh was jetzt a flag bearer for current women"s rights reform.

Ehsan Fathi post on facebook saying the Iran need to follow Saudi Arabia"s example. "Saudi Arabia appointed its first female spokesperson, Fatimah Baeshen, zum its embassy in Washington, hours after women were granted the right kommen sie drive. Tehran should take Riyadh as a function model weil das democracy."

On the other hand, some individuals view ns reforms with suspicion. Amir Ebthaj tweeted, "Let"s wait und see if the reforms an Saudi Arabia remain as klein as Umm Kolsum"s show on TV, or if die rights von Shia minorities in Saudi Arabia und the people des Yemen will deshalb be respected."

A facebook user named Soheyla Ariya posted, "If heute Saudi Arabia enables women to drive or to go to stadiums, our women enjoyed a hundred times more freedom and dignity für hilfe a century ago."