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Deutsche bahn ICE zu sein a well-known train agency offering an extremely affordable ticket options kommen sie top take trip destinations. You will always find ns cheapest Deutsche bahn ICE tickets über searching Overall, Deutsche bahn ICE offer 3,296 routes, connecting 407 cities in 6 countries. To cover all these paths Deutsche bahn ICE runs in average des 1,410 trips per day and 19,744 trips von month. These train trips range bei price native $3.10 kommen sie $189.70 based upon a variety des factors.

Contact Deutsche bahn ICE

Phone number: DE: +49 89 54 888 9725Phone number: GB: +44 (0) 8718 80 80 66

Deutsche bahn ICE Amenities

What travelers space saying around Deutsche bahn ICE

Here’s what customers who have booked trips through Deutsche bahn ICE had zu say about their take trip experience.

Onboard Experience

“The WiFi in reality worked for the entire trip”
based ~ above 3 reviews
“I’ll travel through them again just zum the staff!”
based top top 1 reviews
“Really cheap tickets and really good service.”
based top top 1 reviews
“The train got there top top time.”
based top top 2 reviews
“Seats were really comfy und spacious”
based ~ above 3 reviews
“The train was almost suspiciously clean”
based top top 3 reviews

Deutsche bahn ICE evaluate from customers

Overall testimonial score for Deutsche bahn ICE

(Based ~ above 3 reviews)

Pros: train was erste announced together 10 minute late. Climate 25. Then 30. Climate 40. Then 35. Ended nach oben close to in hour late, v no explanation. Unacceptable. Cons: Tell united state what zu sein going on. Tips: Don't expect bei on time trip - both means were delayed, one zum close t...

Pros: train was erste announced as 10 minutes late. Then 25. Climate 30. Climate 40. Then 35. Ended nach oben close to in hour late, v no explanation. Unacceptable. Cons: Tell us what zu sein going on. Tips: Don't expect in on time pilgrimage - both ways were delayed, one for close to in hour, the other just 12 minutes. But, still....


Pros: Beautiful place, a variety of cuisines indigenous around the world, very friendly civilization who were always willing zu assist and indulge an meaningful conversation. Cons: i paid various prices zum two tickets which was a little bit strange. The tickets to be a little pricey an my...

Pros: Beautiful place, a variety von cuisines from around die world, really friendly human being who were constantly willing zu assist and indulge an meaningful conversation. Cons: i paid different prices zum two tickets which was a little strange. Die tickets to be a little bit pricey an my opinion. Tips: Overall i would recommend her service zum its convenience und efficiency.


Deutsche bahn ICE’s train network features 3296 train courses that connect 407 urban serving 692 stations. On average, Deutsche bahn ICE performs around 1410 train trips every day. Ns top cities kommen sie which Deutsche bahn ICE offers the highest number of daily train dienstleistungen include Munich and Berlin.

Top cities Served von Deutsche bahn ICE

CityRouteEarliest trainLatest train
Berlin211:00 pm10:59 pm
Frankfurt111:01 pm10:55 pm
Munich211:07 pm10:55 pm
Amsterdam111:01 pm8:16 pm
Cologne111:01 pm10:53 pm
Paris211:18 pm10:46 pm
Hamburg111:01 pm10:51 pm
Nuremberg111:04 pm10:50 pm
Düsseldorf111:01 pm10:52 pm

Top says Served von Deutsche bahn ICE

StateCities ServedDaily TripsTop city

The train from Munich to berlin is Deutsche bahn ICE’s most famous route. Trips from hamburg to Berlin and Frankfurt to Amsterdam are deshalb highly popular.

Top Deutsche bahn ICE routes

RouteDaily TripsDurationPrice
Munich kommen sie Berlin415h 19m$18
Hamburg to Berlin262h 40m$18
Frankfurt to Amsterdam74h 33m$33
Frankfurt zu Berlin464h 31m$18
Kaiserslautern to Paris32h 29m$30
Cologne kommen sie Amsterdam73h 17m$19
Frankfurt zu Munich183h 30m$18
Frankfurt to Paris94h 7m$40
Hamburg kommen sie Munich166h 11m$18

Yes, Deutsche bahn ICE supplies WiFi on their trains. Although many trips with Deutsche bahn ICE will oase WiFi as advertised, some trains can not come equipped v WiFi and onboard WiFi can lose that is connection in rural areas. Us recommend sie bring a publication or download a movie just to play the safe. Deutsche bahn ICE WiFi is generally finest used zum surfing die web, check emails and chatting v friends; sie shouldn’t counting on die WiFi kommen sie binge watch her favorite show.

Yes, there are power outlets onboard Deutsche bahn ICE trains. You can generally discover one or 2 sockets von row von seats, deshalb be a good traveller und check if her seat neighbor might want zu charge hoch their tools as well. With the onboard stärke outlets, you tun können charge both a computer und USB tools with a USB power adapter that generally comes with most phones and tablets.

because Deutsche bahn ICE might sometimes usage replacement train vehicles, not all trips room guaranteed to schutz power points. Us recommend to bring a power bank to charge your phone zum all trips end 2 hours, just in case.

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~ above a typical day, Deutsche bahn ICE has 1410 scheduled train trips in total. However, die exact departure and arrival mal vary depending on die day and route. Die best way zu find ns exact schedule weil das your trip is to use ns search tool on this page.

No, Deutsche bahn ICE does notfall offer möchte call tickets. You should purchase your fahrkarte online and make sure you oase everything sie need zu board before freundin arrive at die station.

Yes, Deutsche bahn ICE requires you to present bei ID to an agent zu be allowed to board ns train. Make certain you oase identification issued von a government company that meets the carrier’s requirements. Different IDs, such as a university ID, won’t work.

Visit our covid19 Travel Guide kommen sie view ns most up-to-date information about Deutsche bahn ICE’s cleaning protocols und adjusted ticket readjust policies during the covid19 pandemic.

No, there are no bathrooms available on Deutsche bahn ICE trains. Though there room no bathrooms onboard, commonly breaks space scheduled in the itinerary kommen sie allow passengers kommen sie use bathroom facilities along the way.

Deutsche bahn ICE supplies meal service during your pilgrimage with them. If you require a meal v special dietary restrictions, we suggest you contact Deutsche bahn ICE customer service directly to lakers if one kann sein be arranged zu meet her needs. Nothing worry about being parched while traveling with Deutsche bahn ICE as they market a beverage dienstleistungen to do sure you stay hydrated. Despite we constantly recommend bringing a reusable water bottle with you to make sure you have water within straightforward reach und help mitigate unnecessary plastic waste.

Deutsche bahn ICE does not require a published ticket zu board die train. Instead, in eTicket is sent zu you von email wie man you make your reservation. You kann sein use your smartphone to zeigen this eTicket to die ticketing agent as freundin board.

Deutsche bahn ICE focuses on transferring a an excellent travel experience punkt a low price und currently does not offer premium attributes like extra legroom or onboard entertainment. Yet these days, between your laptop, tablet, smartphone and e-reader, you’re die master von your own entertainment even on longer journeys.

With 1,410 Deutsche bahn ICE trips von day, there are a lot of an excellent deals to uncover weil das the bargain hunter und Deutsche bahn ICE tickets anfang at just $3.10. Inspect out some von the latest und greatest transaction snatched up von users.



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