Desktop Zeigt Keine Symbole Mehr An Windows 7

As you kann see there room no sync icons on mine folders an windows. Ich don’t know what I have to do. I have re-installed yet nothing changes. I’m using ns newest version and so there zu sein no problem with the server since other clients room working including die folder-icons…Can anybody aid me?

You kann sein try this using bei windows admin command erinnerung :

regsvr32.exe “C:Program documents (x86)halfpeeledapple.comshellextOCOverlays_x64.dll”

and restart her computer. It seems like the client ist not registering the dll

This doesn’t work. Still no changes!


Really. I had similar issue where all die folders where showing as white and i verlief that and it fixed the issue, zu sein this just happening on one computer?

I nur had die same problem on one von the desktops it is syning v my cloud. I unistalled apps using revo uninstaller, deleted all fenstern reg files und temp papers through ns revo uninstaller, then reinstalled app und ran regsvr32.exe “C:Program records (x86)halfpeeledapple.comshellextOCOverlays_x64.dll” an CMD together admin and rebooted.

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Give that a try.

I’ve done all what sie said. I installed ns revo uninstaller and used it to uninstall (with temp files and reg-files). Then i reinstalled und registered ns dll-file. Still no changes!

I have this belästigt on my computer system and deshalb on my laptop. But my co-worker schutz no difficulties (with ns same server but different user-account).

On my windows 10 laptop it’s die same since ich switched to die client. I also tried a clean reinstallation and dll registration there is no success.

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Okay, lets try this. Remove all ns files from ns folder, remove the account from die app. Once freundin removed every files and folders from folder, delete the folder. Climate setup nexcloud app again so it recreates ns nexcloud folder again and let the sync every little thing from the server, or sie might need kommen sie copy ns files back to die nexcloud apps because, if we remove the. They’re going to get gotten rid of from die server. Provide a shot let me know

After an additional reboot the sync icons appear zum me. I in sure i already walk one after ~ dll registration, however jetzt it’s working. Thanks for the advice
witschi87 ich guess throughout nc client montage you checked die checkbox for using covering extension? and as it worked weil das me do an additional reboot after dll registration.

I oase the same issue with my passend zu of Ich opened die same folder twice, one shows die icon, one doesn’t.


Left folder: Not shownRight folder: shown

I nothing really understand this action


I did that now and it seems kommen sie work.


Ah good to know, that something prefer this kann happen, would have never found that.

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You could so add Dropbox as external storage und do all desktop synchronization with just one client