The CUPRA Leon SP’s petrol ausführung comes equipped with a range of unique exterior design touches as standard.

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boundless rear light.

Showcasing innovation and stunning entwurf with the infinite rear light.

discover exterior design

The latest safety technology.

Sensors administer next-level security und keep sie moving front safely.


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Semi-autonomous an innovation that provides parking into ns most difficult of spaces, easy und worry free.

Your CUPRA comes equipped v front und back sensors zu take ns guesswork out des your manoeuvres. Activate park Assist and your auto will injektion spaces as you pass, determining if it is suitable to park, it möchte then immediately take over steering, calculating die best approach kommen sie parallel park or back into tight spots. Accuse on ns screen guide you perfectly into position as freundin control speed und braking.

rear parking sensors alert freundin if you’re getting kommen sie close.Front parking sensors help freundin keep a safe distance.Rear-view camera mirrors rear activity on her display.Let your automobile take over steering über activating park Assist.


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Detects an important situations und prepares zum impact, tightening seatbelts and closing windows.